Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hunting and Gathering

I was in the pigpen yesterday, scooping poop...

(I have to digress here and tell you that these gals are the cleanest animals we own.
They have two corners of their yard that they have designated as their bathrooms,
and those are the only places that they will "go!")

Back to scooping poop...
I became aware of a noise behind me.
A thud, thud, thud from the area of the walnut tree.

Now, I am used to the sound of walnuts dropping in the late summer,
but this "thudding" came with such regularity that it peaked my curiosity.
I walked over to find an inordinate amount of walnuts right beneath the tree....

and a crafty little squirrel in the top of the tree, 
who was systematically harvesting those large green balls of nutty goodness.

Ginger and MaryAnn, realizing that I had left their pen,
also came to the fence to see what was happening.

(Besides being very clean, pigs are also very nosey.)

I stood there and watched that little squirrel hop from branch to branch,
dropping walnut after walnut,
and I was reminded how much all of us "animals" have in common.

That little squirrel was doing the same thing that I have been doing for the past 
several weeks....
filling his larder with provisions for the cold months ahead.

The only difference is this:

most likely I will remember where I have stored all of our food...
and most likely, Mr. Squirrel won't.


  1. We just aren't much different from all the other creatures of the world... I love those pictures of Maryann and Ginger! Too cute!

  2. I never knew that the walnuts casing were green. I just assumed they had a bumpy brown shell. I hope the squirrel remembers were he drop all of the walnuts.

  3. I wonder why they don't remember where they hide them. I mean, why would Mother Nature bestow them with such a bad memory as that? How cruel Mother Nature can be.

  4. I think the reason is this.....when squirrels hide their nuts, it disperses the nuts throughout a wider area of the woods....thus dispersing the types of trees. ....makes for better diversity in the woods.

  5. Such a busy little guy. He will have all your walnuts before you can pick them for yourself.

  6. How cute but still a rodent! I have birds that disperse hazelnut trees in my yard. I continually have to pull up young growth. Too bad I didn't have a huge yard and could have my own orchard! Love the pictures of Maryann & Ginger. Cute noses!!!

  7. I guess that's the significant difference between you and that squirrel..Another being that you don't have to climb up in that tree..Tis a good thing..Busy little guy...Great pictures !

  8. Great post! I raise heritage pigs and really enjoy them. Their bathroom habits make for easy keeping, but they still like to go wee in the their mudholes for some reason.

  9. What a cute little gatherer. I do hope he remembers where he stores his food. Around here, the squirrels use the dog food from the deck as their backup food system.

  10. Awesome post and photos ! Ah but they do remember , here there are little holes left after they dig them up , funny you mention this I watched a squirrel just the other day retrieve his supper from a hiding spot . Yes we are pretty much the same in that sense ! Have a great day !

  11. oh how cute! I adore squirrels. They must be able to find enough food to survive I suppose...your pigs are gorgeous. If I had a place for them, and the money to feed them, I'd get them. I have a feeling I'd love to hear them snorting about.

  12. Back in school and just a weekend visitor again!! Love, Love, Love your piggie pictures!! They are such lovely divas :-}}


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