Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary

We finished our summer vacationing this past weekend
at the Chesapeake Bay with friends and family.
Kayaking, bicycling, and water skiing activities helped us to say goodbye
to our old friend summer.
Hubbs tried his hand at water skiing, after almost 30 years since his last time.
He got up on the first try!

I, on the other hand, decided that after the kind of week I had had last week;
perhaps I ought not tempt fate.
So, I stayed in the safety of the boat (this time).

Our neighbors, Jim and Kathy, took care of the animals,
and our friend Kelley took care of the dogs.

I don't think they missed us much....

enjoying fun activities like walks
(even old Hickory!)

They were excited to see us on our arrival home and we took some time
to play their favorite games.

(Oakley would play catch until he dropped from exhaustion!)

And catch....
(Maddie loves ball games; but this old gal is too arthritic for chasing balls,
so we play catch instead.)

Focussed anticipation.....

she never misses a ball.

Our summer fun is winding down.
For the most part, now, we will be home on the farm
enjoying the transition into autumn.

I mentioned last week that we were just about to bring in the hay....
well, 100 bales made it into the barn....
and the rest of the hay lies in the field....wet with rain.
I told you....there is no bargaining or pleading with Mother Nature.
Hopefully, this week we can get the rest of the hay dry and stowed for winter.
Please.........Mother dear!! is Hubbs and my wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary to my very best friend... the center of my world!!

Dearest Hubbs,
It was an incredible summer, wasn't it?
We made memories that will last the rest of our lives.
But even if we never went away from the farm...
I would still be the happiest gal alive... just sharing life with you!


  1. Happy anniversary and here's to many more.

  2. I enjoy your posts very much . . . Each and every one tells a story of life and living. Love, consistency and perseverance is evident . . . Happy Anniversary . . . I really liked the snow capped final picture, it cooled me off!

  3. Happy Anniversary!.. what a lovely tribute to a strong marriage.

  4. Happy Anniversay!!! Isn't it wonderful to have spent so many years with your best friend?

    ...And many more...

  5. happy anniversary! Hope the weather goes well for you hay harvest. And have a great week.

  6. Happy Anniversary ! Lovely photos and tribute . Have a great day !

  7. Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more fun years!!

  8. Happy Anniversary to ALL of us! Dave and I celebrate today also.

  9. Happy Anniversary! You sure had a wonderful summer and I enjoyed all the photos. It started out dark and rainy this morning and now the sun is shining. Have a lovely day celebrating your anniversary.

  10. Happy Anniversary! You have had a wonderful summer! And we have enjoyed hearing about it!
    My husband and I will be celebrating 33 years on September 1st. How on earth did that happen???
    XO Kris

  11. Happy Anniversary!! Love your posts and the FUN you and your husband are obviously having!

  12. Happy Anniversary..Enjoy these days..They are the best times of your life..I'm so happy for you and so glad you are happy..Love to you and Hubs...

  13. sweet! Happy Anniversary!


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