Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donkey Love

So many of my posts involve cross species relationships.
And for the most part, all of our animals get along famously.
The donkeys, however, are a little more picky about who they befriend.

They love the attention of us humans,
and will seek us out whenever we are nearby....

hoping for a snuzzle

or a scratch

or even just to nibble at our shorts!

They tolerate Sam and his "grooming" services.
(this picture was taken in March...can you believe how wooly the girls were?)

But the cats...well, they are a different story.

Leo happened to wander through their lot while coming out to solicit my attention.

Both Daphne and Chloe seemed curious at first.

But after a good whiff of cat, 
Chloe decided he didn't belong and chased him away.

Thankfully, all of our cats are very quick and wary...
easily escaping the strike of the hoof.

This is the worst of the skirmishes, luckily.
For the most part, everyone else gets along famously!

PS....I opened a bit of a discussion yesterday about CAFOs
 (concentrated animal feeding operation)
and got a lot of comments.
If you are interested in a little more info and want to read my "editorial" on the subject,
check out the comments from yesterday's post... I editorialized a bit there.
Please don't mistake me for being harsh....I am just impassioned.
I understand the difficulties families face in today's food market....rising prices,
trying to make our dollars stretch...believe me, I do.
It is my hope that consumers become more aware of what happens "behind the scenes" so they can make educated decisions about their food.


  1. Our donkeys are the same way towards cats. Hate them. They chase them away.

  2. When I encourage my sister to cook with pasture raised beef and chickens, she actually got a bit angry with me and said they could not afford it. I mentioned that better health might offset the cost. She actually thought about it and decided that it was smarter to find healthy raised meats than to continue with the cheaper food lot variety. They will save money by being healthier.

  3. Leo had best be careful...I guess he's used to being tolerated...The donkeys look very different in their summer garb...

  4. With the donkeys, it's almost more of a game to them. Ours will sometimes chase the chickens, or a wild bunny, but it's just for fun. I love the stripes on her leg in the last photo.

  5. Cute photos ! Did you know in some country's they use Donkeys as watch dogs instead of dogs ? apparently they make better guards then dogs ! Animals are like people some ya like and some well not so much lol ! Have a great day !

  6. Poor kitty cat got the boot!!! Love to see your animal posts!!!
    : ) Kris

  7. The donkeys have such pretty eyes. Leo is looking very healthy.


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