Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who's Who - Part 2

We've gone to the dogs.
But, that's nothing new.
You may have guessed from the occasional dog popping up in any given picture,
that we have a few dogs.

Yes, we do.
Have a few.
Five, to be exact.

Now, I have to tell you, we never intended to end up with five dogs.
Somehow it just happened.
It was all their fault.
They found us.

In the beginning there was Sadie.
Sadie is our 8 year old Bernese Mountain dog.

She has been with us since she was 8 weeks old.
She is loyal, true and infinitely loving to us, her family.
You....well, that's another story.
She might like you, and she might not.
There's no predicting....she's a little quirky...
sort of an autistic version of a dog.

But... we love her and she loves us...fiercely!

Then when Sadie was 2, we got Maddie, our Newfie...
thinking Sadie needed a friend for company.

Obviously, we did not consult Sadie.
If we had she would have reminded us that since she is not a dog,
then she doesn't need another dog for company!

And so for the next 4 years life was uncomplicated with only 2 dogs.

Then Sadie had a cancerous tumor and we realized that she would not be with us forever.
Maddie, being attached to Sadie (even though Sadie did not return the sentiment) 
would be left alone and sad if something happened to Sadie.

So, we decided that adopting a rescue for a third dog was the thing to do.
And along came Oakley.

Long story, short.... we found Oakley online in a kill shelter in Kentucky,
(two days before he was scheduled to be put "down")
had him transported to Pennsylvania and quickly fell in love with this
sweet fellow.

He is the perfect farm dog and helps to keep our lands free from predators.
With the exception of a few incidents with skunks and a porcupine,
has been a perfect gentleman.

And so there were three.

Two months later,
Sam ended up on the farm.

Owned by one of our kids, but not a good dog for apartment life,
"Bad Sam" became the perfect farm dog as his life magically 
transformed into days filled with adventure and lots of exercised...
both of which he needs.

Sam is one quarter each of beagle, poodle, rottweiler, and chow.
And it's easy to see.... he hunts like a beagle, runs like a poodle, plays (growls) like a rottweiler,
and is the color of a chow.

And then there were four.

That same month, Hickory our Norfolk terrier (then 15) needed a home to save her from
finishing her life in a pound.

We couldn't let that happen....
Hickory is 17 now and such a part of our family...
we wish we could have her with us forever!

And then there were five!

So, you see....it just happened.
Eventually we will be back down to two dogs...
but we are in no hurry for that day as we love all five so very much!


  1. It's heartbreaking that so many good dogs are put down through no fault of their own. It's heartlifting that you cared enough to give these sweet dogs a home. Thank you.

  2. It has been so much fun over the years of posts to get to know all 5 family members. What great personalities they have.
    Thanks for sharing them with us. Love the idea of your holiday posts.
    If your reading your comments on your holiday..Hope your having a Great Time.

  3. It's amazing how that ends up huh? I write this as I look out the window at our 2 Great Pyrenese rescue dogs doing their perimeter check.

  4. They truly are our best friends ! I don't know where I would be with out our Miggy ! Wonderful photos ! Have a great day !

  5. So funny! That is how cats come to live with US.....

  6. I hope you are enjoying your vacation for you know I really enjoyed this post! Yeah Sadie!!

  7. I smiled through this entire post. Funny how dogs just seem to find the right home, isn't it? Yours are all ridiculously gorgeous. :-))

  8. I'm sure that they all know how lucky they are...They are all sweet dogs..I can't imagine that you'll ever be down to two...Time will tell..

  9. Each one is a blessing and you are so good to these sweethearts!

  10. That's so cute. If I had the money and room we'd have that many dogs also. Alas, room and money is getting scarce here. But it's nice to see someone that can take in and properly care for all those dogs.

  11. Thank goodness there are people like us that will open their home to one more dog (and every other critter). I had 5 dogs for many years and it was complicated. I was down to 3 but somehow the number is creeping back up. Pete is my current foster from a kill facility not far away. He was slated to be gassed or killed with a heart stick. Now he's safe with me till I can find him a good home of his own.

    Bless you and hubby!

  12. Bless you for opening your life to those wonderful animals! My hubby volunteers at a pet shelter and I'm sure we would have more than our big three black Lab mix rescues if the county allowed. Although I'm not sure I could put up with much more hair - we have a big backyard but they are mostly house dogs LOL

  13. Thank you for giving so many wonderful dogs a loving, adventure filled home. My husband and i have four cats, all of whom chose us in one way or another.. either at a shelter, or as strays. We love them with all of our hearts, and we too, wish we could have them with us forever! I so wish that if we could somehow love them enough, they'd stay well always and never grow old or get sick. Alas... Your dogs are beautiful, and you are lucky to have each other. :)


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