Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Puttin' On The Ritz

It's dinnertime in the goat yard.
I am standing outside the fence, opening the feed bin,
which also houses Ritz crackers.
And believe me, everyone knows it...
I am surrounded by chickens and turkeys;
and the goats are begging at the fence!

Star, Ash, and Audrey, waiting patiently for a treat.
Who can resist these innocent faces?

Next door in the fainting goat pen, Jill is trying her level best to get my attention.

While I am grabbing a scoop of feed,
she goes through her repertoire of "feed me" faces....

from the very serious pout - "I'm starving here!"...

to doughy-eyed, coy smile - "puhleeeeze"....

And when I'm not looking....
Seriously, is that not the longest tongue you have ever laid eyes on?

I don't even know what to call this,
but I'm pretty sure she dislocated her jaw!

"Ok, there's nothing left in my bag of tricks."

"Don't stand there looking so innocent, Jill!"

OK, you worked hard for this....

But do we really need all this competition?
(Lower chicken just jumped and stole half of Jill's next cracker.)

Here you go, Jill...
one more.
You worked hard for it!

Please, Nabisco...consider using Jill as your next spokes-goat!


  1. Too cute! Love the goats. Jill ought to be used in Nabisco's ad.

  2. Awww, Love Jill's faces through the fence. She's pretty much an adorable girl goat. :-)

  3. How cute is she...what a clown! Hope your day is a good one Bev.
    Maura :)

  4. Too funny! Nabisco should make an animal version, you know like those little animal cookies! Just think the goats could have goats, the chickens....lol

  5. Yes, Jill is the next star for Nabisco! What they won't do for a Ritz? Even my granddaughter last night had a roll of Ritz and a can of squirt cheese. She thought she was in heaven with her snack. Ritz is always to the rescue!

  6. I think we all need to contact Nabisco for Jill!!

  7. Laugh out loud funny..Thanks Jill, for brightening my day...I have to look at that again..Great pictures..
    She's going to have "fence face"..

  8. It's been decided...we need a goat! ;) Love all the goat posts, thanks for the morning smiles!!!
    Hugs, Gillian

  9. Jill is hilarious. Love those looks.

  10. Such personality! I hope you send those photos to Nabisco!!

  11. OK, it's official! I LUV Jill!
    You either need to let me come live with you or her with me! lol!

    Oh & yep! I am gonna buy more Stock in Nabisco! lol!



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