Thursday, July 5, 2012

Please Send Rain!

We awoke yesterday (July 4th) to evidence that it had rained during the night.

It has been incredibly hot and dry here for the past month,
so any little bit of rain is a help!

Our 4th of July was a stay-at-home day.
We took delivery of 175 bales of beautiful grass hay

and stowed it in the barn.
This will last us until we can get our own hay cut and baled later this summer.
With this lack of rain, growing hay is difficult!

With this heat, most everyone spends their days lying around,

or in the barn where there are fans blowing.
The horses prefer the barn...
as is evidenced by the look of this stall.

(I keep an immaculate barn... this stall was clean just a couple of hours ago!)
Looks like this was the designated latrine for the day!

I had several requests for an update on Pete...
So, I headed over to Becky's barn and took a few photos.

Pete has really filled out nicely and his coat looks great.
Becky continues his ground work... nothing new to report in the arena.

It has been a remarkable recovery for this rescued horse
who came pretty darn close to a last ride in the rendering truck!

See how his eyes sparkle, now?

Our Fourth of July celebration was with our friends and neighbors
across the road.
About mid way through the evening we had a surprise visit from the turkeys!

Whenever they hear the sound of voices,
they have to investigate.

After all....
turkeys love a good party!


  1. Little Harry dog and I are up early enjoying a cool walk out in the yard. Lots of hot days here in the 100 degree area..ugh
    Hay is not good this year for us either. Our fields did not produce like other years..not good!
    So I will pray for rain also!
    Youre turkeys are just gorgeous I love the colour and feathers..oh my!!
    Keep cool!

  2. We had rain until early morning yesterday too. The turkeys are very comical. They don't want to miss a trick. Just a couple of newsbags!!!

  3. I wish I could send you some rain, but we don't have any to send. :-( It actually rained a little bit last night and it was desperately needed. We are under water restrictions right now and people are getting fined for watering! NOT good for the garden at all...

  4. Lots of humid muggy, sticky days here to , soem times the rain can make the humidity worse but we need it regaurdless ! Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday ! Lovely photos!

  5. Pete looks great, as well as the turkeys. Have a great day!

  6. No rain here either Bev....
    Too hot for me to do much outside.
    Hope your day is great!

  7. If I had a tail like that turkey I'd be partying too.

  8. Maybe the rain is on it's way across the states. We have been dry for 2 whole days, yippee! Our prediction is for several days of sun. Maybe my garden will finally grow.

    Mr Pete is sure looking great! So glad to see this. Who knew turkeys were social butterflies?

    Off to work after several days of play, ugh! Have a good one!!!

  9. What turkeys!! Were they invited??? Can.t imagine unloading all that hay in this heat!! Yes, we definitely need rain..The few drops we've had have done nothing to change the levels in the rain barrels...Trees are starting to curl..Too early for that...Pete looks wonderful...Stay cool

  10. We would love to send you some rain! We have had 6.69 inches in the past month with rain 28 of the past 30 days. That's a lot of precip even for us! Perhaps a rain dance is in order? Kim

  11. We're hurting for rain too! I hope it comes to both our areas. At least it's cooled off a bit here - from 109's down to high 90's! Ugh! Love pictures of your turkeys. They're always looking so proud.

  12. Pete looks GREAT! Thanks for the update, and those turkeys are so funny! It's nice they are so personable.

  13. Oh Beverly,
    Pete looks GREAT! All he needed was love and care... Here with you he received everything he could want.. I love the look in this eye.
    Great post

  14. It's horribly hot and dry here in central NC too. So hard on every living thing!

    Thanks for the update on Pete. I've wondered about him. What a lucky horse he is, and such a handsome transformation.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  15. Oh, Pete looks great! There's so much sparkle in his eyes! You can tell he's contented. Kudos to you for taking him on. Stay cool, Mary A

  16. ah, 'road apples''s what makes a great garden... right? lol!

  17. Pete looks great! Thanks for the update!


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