Monday, July 9, 2012

Pig Patterned Baldness

Before we begin today's story,
I would remind you to check Saturday's post for the results of our
Summer Giveaway....
picking a winner was more of a challenge than I had imagined!

Today's post is about our poor, dear MaryAnn.

Two weeks ago she had quite a healthy head (and body) of hair. 

Then, during our 4th of July parade, I noticed some patches of thinning hair on her back.

And now?
She has lost a lot more!

Compared to what she looked like last month,
there is more skin showing than hair!
The above picture is now and the below picture is last month.


Shhhhh. Don't say a word....we don't want her to know!
But, she is getting balder by the day.

We've removed all of the mirrors from the pig pen.
And, Ginger is sworn to secrecy.
Although I do fear that during one of their post-meal squabbles,
Ginger just might let the cat out of the bag.

I was quite concerned at this rapid loss of hair and did a little research.
Apparently it is not uncommon for Kunekunes to lose their hair in the heat of the summer.
And HOT it has been!
Triple digit hot this past weekend.

Don't tell Ginger, though, that she could also lose hers.

Ginger is quite vain and would be crushed to think of herself bald.
We will keep our fingers crossed that she keeps her silky tresses.

Luckily, the pig pen has a lot of shade and a mud puddle that is always full.
Mud acts as a UV protectant for their skin in lieu of hair.

MaryAnn's hair will have to grow in before the cold of winter arrives
(it's impossible to imagine winter in this current heat wave!)
she will have to wear a piggy parka!!

Speaking of outerwear...
Daphne and Chloe are sporting new accessories.

I ordered fly masks that cover their long beautiful ears (with room to grow).
And although I wish they were pink or purple...
grey was all there was available.

Since no "girlie" masks were available,
I did my very best to "gussie them up"!
A little better?

A little ball fringe on the ears to hide the fact that they are too long and a little floppy...

Thank goodness these two are such good sports!

To "Todd" who has expressed concern about our silkie bachelor Elton...
you will be glad to know that Elton finds his way to the upper part of the farm
each day to visit with the free-ranging pastured hens.

Elton helps me in the garden during the morning hours,
serenading me as I water and weed,
and travels the farm the rest of the day...
happily eating and fraternizing.
Then each night he returns to the donkey barn and sleeps with Daphne and Chloe.

So, worry not,
I think Elton is completely fulfilled in this new life on the farm.


  1. You make all of your animals come alive right before our eyes. I love Elton!

  2. Love the trim! Reminds me of a Court Jester costume.

  3. What a bunch of fun you have been having. You have to love a rooster who finds his own life of contentment. And what self respecting pig doesn't want to coat herself in mud, hair or no hair? Cute post:-)

  4. The added girlie-ness to their masks is priceless....another morning laugh for me Bev, thank you!!

  5. I'll be chuckling about those fly masks all day.
    When Wynonna "blew her coat" the first time, I totally freaked. There is no gradual shedding with her - one day she's got hair, the next day she's bald. Doesn't seem to affect her self-esteem one bit.

  6. I love the face mask embellishments! A new business perhaps!
    Have a glorious day!

  7. Triple digits, yikes!!! We have a lovely weekend just hitting 90. Summer has finally arrived.

    I know I'll keep the secret of MaryAnn and look out Ginger with your heat. The donkeys are adorable with their girlie accessories! Way too cute! Have a great day!! Hugs!!

  8. The fly masks are adorable...They should be in a magazine somewhere...
    Love the Pom Poms..
    Poor Marianne..I can relate. at least hers will come back...Piggy Parka?? Pretty soon you'll need a clothes closet for the livestock..
    Elton likes to do his own thing , I guess. Enjoy your day..

  9. You know, sometimes you'll find a chicken companion in a racehorse stall. Perhaps Donkey girls have a racing background??(hehe)i was gonna say "racey" but that does'nt sound quite right:-[

    Elton is a cutey:]

    i was wondering if the piggies would shed over summer.
    Bald Iz bee-autifull!))

  10. Wonderful photos . I am glad the hair loss is nothing seriouse . Love the donkies face masks soo cute and the kitty in the bag ! Stay cool in this heat wave and have a great day !

  11. Poor Mary Ann. Ginger always had better hair than her. ;)

  12. What a fun post! It is just what I needed after a long day at the office. Thank you for making our day(s)!

  13. Those fly-masks are "styling" ~ you may have started a new trend! LOL!!! I love 'em!

    Also, it was so much fun watching you try to coax the animals to select a winner!


  14. Those masks are hilarious! Rick rack and bobbles aside, those are lucky mules - no more fussing with flies!


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