Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Donkey Dust

It's a hot, dry, dusty afternoon in the barnyard...
the kind of day that sends you and me into the air conditioning.

The horses hang out in the barn in front of the fans.
The donkeys?

They seem to revel in the heat of the sun.
And there is plenty of shade in their yard.

Daphne prefers napping in the sun.

And after her nap?

A good old fashioned dust bath!

Back and forth she rolls....

Ahh....yes, that's the spot.

The itch is scratched...
and a fine layer of dust on the skin will help to keep the flies away.

The donkeys spend their mornings out in the pasture.
But, from the looks of their bellies, they may have to cut back a little!
(part of that big belly is actually the remains of her winter coat...
the part that she didn't feel she needed clipped.

These girls are great about keeping their fly masks on all day long.
They come off at bedtime...
nothing worse than a donkey with "night blindness"!

PS:  Little Leo is back in the barn...seemingly recovered from whatever it was
that "got" him.  I saw a baby snake in front of the barn this morning and wondered
if maybe his abcess came from a snake bite.
(Hate. Snakes.)


  1. Glad Leo is doing better. You did dispose of the snake? I can't think of any useful purpose for a snake on a farm, cats can take care of any rodent issue. We had a 5 foot bullsnake in our chicken house, snake is dead.

  2. I'm glad Leo is getting better. The donkeys are adorable in their masks and I love the pompoms. They may love the heat but I think the horses have the better idea: Stand in front of the fans!

  3. I just adore your darn cute! I was wondering if I could think of an excuse (like I need one) to have one they mow? ;)

  4. Those donkeys sure seem to have a cute personality. Maybe the dust bath is also another layer of sun screen, crazy girls! So glad Leo is doing better! Snakes, here is Oregon we don't have many and they are good for the garden. But they are not good for me. Enough said!

  5. I hate snakes too!! So glad the Leo is on the mend and back in the barn,,,,I was wondering if you might have a house cat again..Silly me..Mollie rolls in the grass a lot..She itches most of the time and probably has trouble scratching her back...Stay cool..

  6. lol They look so cute with their fly masks on!

  7. Isn't that funny how they like the sun. I guess their ancestors were used to hot weather in the Mediterranean. Our dog Shep who is Akbash (Turkish LGD) will lay in the sun on the hottest days sometimes...good thing he has a white coat! Donkey's are so cute. Hope you get some cooler temps and rain's to be 108 starting tomorrow and for the next 3 days in our part of Kansas. Can't wait for next week and cooler temps! Have a great day...Maura

  8. My brown lab was bit by a snake, right on the top of the head! She ballooned up like crazy, and had to have surgery and shunt put into her head which I had to drain and clean several times a day. It was awful. She nearly died. I don't often see snakes but we have them. I hate them too!!!
    Have a great day!

  9. Not only are your little donkeys darling but those fly masks are too cute!


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