Friday, June 8, 2012

Good Night!

The sun has set.
It's almost time for bed.
(Yes, we go to bed rather early on the farm.)

Before our day is finished, though, we have one last set of chores to do.
And most evenings, Bobby shows up at the house for a ride back to the barn.

It's tuck-in time in the barnyard.

Each evening, we close all of the doors to the chicken houses,
after their inhabitants are safely roosting inside.

We chase the guinea keets and the young hens into their coop...

where they will roost for the night.
(You know how youngsters are....never wanting to heed curfew!)

The turkeys invariably roost on the goat fence.

And so we entice them with Ritz crackers...

so that they will follow us to their house where we can close them safely in their protected yard.

The horses and donkeys enjoy their last meal of hay for the day...

while the pigs loudly remind us that they need to be fed as well!

These gals can be rather boisterous when they think they are hungry.
I cannot imagine that the pigs are every truly hungry,
as they can graze freely whenever they want.
But, their most favorite food is their piggy pellets.

Our new little Roo, Sir Elton, has decided that the best place for him to roost
is inside the donkey house,
so each night he takes his place on their mineral block and goes to sleep.

Bedtime in the barnyard is the perfect and natural ending to the day.

All of the animals become quite peaceful as the sun sets.
That is except the barn kitties, who (after sleeping all day) head out to hunt.

For me there is something so comforting about tucking all of my sweet animals in for the night....
knowing that when the sun rises tomorrow they will all be there waiting for me...
to bring the food.
I would love to think that they were just happy to see me,
but I'm not delusional!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
We are hoping to get our hay cut...if the weather cooperates!
See you back on Monday for more Tails From the Farm.


  1. Great pics. Have a great weekend

  2. What a wonderful view of your farm. I hope you don't get rain, we have had more than our share here so we will keep it here for you. Have a good one.

  3. Night piggies, night chicks, night turkeys, night keets, night donkeys, night horses, night goats, night kitties & doggies, who did I forget??? A special night to Sadie, my love! Oh yes, night Bev and Hubbs!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. We have been trying to get our hay cut for a couple of weeks now in Gettysburg. These nightly showers are not helping! Hope we get a break soon, there is nothing like the reassuring feeling of a barn full of fresh cut hay, ready for winter.
    Heather in PA

  5. What a calming favorite time of day, I think..Have a fun weekend..Hope the weather lets you get the hay done...Til next week..

  6. The tuck in ritual is indeed reassuring to the animals and to human as well. So beautifully posted. Hope you have a joyfilled weekend, Oma Linda

  7. What a wonderful night time routine. I still keep thinking I should offer my goats some Ritz crackers, but I haven't done that yet.

  8. Have a great weekend on the farm!!!
    : ) Kris

  9. Such a peaceful post Bev..
    Thank you so much for sharing

  10. Lovely post and photos . Good night all and sweet dreams !

  11. I love your farm, and this post is wonderful. What better a way to end a day? I don't think there is one.. :) Beautiful and peaceful weekend to you...

  12. What a wonderful way to end the day! I love how things go calm in the evening...except for Shep the Akbash. Evening is his time to go on 'guard duty' and that's when he starts noticing every sound beyond the perimeter of the farm. I love knowing that he's keeping watch over the animals and me all night long. That's cute the way the turkey's follow your Ritz treat...I've never tried that trick. You're so right about the youngsters not obeying curfew...they're always the last ones in the coop! Thanks for sharing your evening chores with us. :)


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