Friday, May 11, 2012

Normalcy Restored

Normalcy has returned to the farm...
no excitement (thank heavens!)

Today we are spending the day transplanting all of our seedlings from our greenhouse into our garden.

Little tiny corn plants, and popcorn, too!

Tomatoes and squashes....

Peppers and green beans....

It won't be long before we have more vegetables than we can use.
Then the work begins...
canning, preserving, freezing, etc.

Monday  I will post pictures of the finished garden planting.

Edith remains safe on her nest.

One of the guineas spends the entire day hanging around outside the underbrush
where Edith is nesting.
I'd like to think he is there to protect her.
But, who can know what goes on in a guinea mind!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Mine will be quiet...tending to the farm,
and an upper respiratory infection that has its grip on me.


  1. Take care of that respiratory stuff... nothing to mess with.

  2. Normal is a good thing!

    I will be transplanting plants as well today. Nothing like good ol' garden therapy!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You take care of that infection. We have an outbreak of Whooping Cough here in the NW. Luckily for adults isn't too bad. I don't want it!!

    I'm happy to hear things are back to normal. OMGosh look at all your veggies! You will have your work (fun to me) canning ahead.

    Best be drinking this last cup and off to work I go. Oh my the seven dwarfs just popped into my head. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful weekend, HUGS!!

  4. Sorry to hear you arent well . Hope you get better soon. Yup here to all is quiet . Gona just enjoy the lovely weather here and putter ! Have a good day !

  5. Glad things are getting back to normal after the stress of yesterday. Hope you are feeling better soon. :-)

  6. Sorry you're not feeling up to par..Probably won't hold you back though..Glad your weekend will be a quiet one..Uneventful too, I hope...
    Happy Mothers Day..I was going to list all of your children but was overwhelmed!!

  7. The kids at the school I work at all have a respiratory infection too. With the kids it started first with a high fever.
    So glad the dogs are OK. What a painful ordeal. Have a wonderful weekend tending the farm.

  8. I love your blog banner at the top! That's unique and something I'd never seen before!

    So where is your chicken nesting at? Part of me wants a chicken to go broody (for baby chicks!!) but part of me knows if we have anymore chickens we'll have to expand the chicken coop!!

  9. Feel better soon, Happy Mother's Day!


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