Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Showers

And the rain continues!!
We are getting our April showers in May this year.
Any one with any sense around the farm stayed indoors yesterday as it poured.

Those of us who had to be outside looked like this...

Don't be fooled by those gals' sad expressions...
they have a very nice shelter where they can get out of the rain...
but no, they'd rather stand outside looking pathetic!

Perhaps Henri needs a rain bonnet!

Even Ginger and MaryAnn had no desire to go out in the rain,
and opted for room service.

I returned to the local greenhouse for just a few more essentials.
And planted 5 more flats of flowers... in the rain!

Don't be fooled by the innocence portrayed in this photo...

it was snapped just after 5 very naughty horses escaped
through an unlatched stall door and proceeded to run willy-nilly
up to our hay field!
They were in heaven...that is until Hubbs and I captured each one of them and marched
them right back home again.

Bad horses! (and bad me for leaving the stall door unlatched!)
It seems that even on a grey and gloomy day,
we have to have a bit of excitement around here!

It has been a while since I have shown you a picture of Pete (Becky's rescue).
He has put weight on quite nicely.
Isn't he handsome?

He's made good friends with her companion horses Ava (r) and Duffy (l).
(The three of them were quite excited as my five equines dashed up the road past them!)

Pete has turned out to be quite a lovely horse...
light grey with mahogany spots.

Well, we've had our share of rain and are quite eager for the sun to shine again.
But when that happens, we will have acres to mow and trim,
and weeds, galore, to pull!

PS....Edith is still on her nest and doing fine!


  1. Pete is looking quite nice! Underneath all that former neglect, a beautiful horse was hiding. I'm so glad he's got a good home, now. We have rain, too. And, the chickens insist on standing in it in spite of all the shelters. Go figure. Love the photo of your cat and dog. Your donkey gals and Henri give a laugh at their expressions!

  2. Raining cats and dogs here as well! Hope you have a great day. Stay dry

  3. and the beat goes on there on the farm. OH, HENRI! Your hair is a mussy mess! LOL

  4. Wonderful photos ! So glad to see how good Pete looks My horse was grey with dark grey spots we here call them flea biten grays . It has been beautiful and sunny yesterday and looks to be again today we have had heavey fog at night though and by morning every thing is dripping wet from it .Bad horse's running a muck but they had fun ata least lol . Have a good day !

  5. Oh gray skies go away! We've been having lovely weather. I have returned so many time to my local greenhouse, I need a loan!

    You would think piggies would like the rain and mud. So funny they are indoor pigs!

    Pete is looking wonderful! Thank you for giving Edith updates!

    Take care my friend and go dance in the rain!

  6. Hard to keep all your children in check...Bad horses!!! Pete looks great..what a change..I loved the past few rainy sun, no heat..This mornings sun along with the humidity was a little oppressive.
    Tis the season, I guess...We still need more rain..

  7. Love the pic of soggy donkey snouts! They do look like they are trying to garner some sympathy for their plight, ha! And oh, that Pete--he's starting to gleam. It makes me so happy each time I see him. He looks very slight next to the other horses but he certainly looks much better. I enjoy your blog each day. I could almost wish to be an animal on your farm!


  8. The garden is going to love that rain!

  9. Adore that fabulous photo of Pete by himself...he looks wonderful!!! Thanks to you!


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