Thursday, May 31, 2012

It Takes A Village

This coming Saturday is our annual Family Day at the Farm for Hubbs' office.
We have a good ole fashioned picnic with hay rides, egg toss, and lots of critter visits.

Getting ready for this event is an undertaking...

having all the grass mowed, all the trimming done, the pastures mowed...

the gardens weeded and mulched and looking their best...

the animal houses cleaned and the animals groomed...

and everything cleaned up all at the same time
requires quite a bit of help.

That is especially the case this year with all of the damage that last Sunday's storm caused.

We would never be able to get all of the work done in one week,
if it weren't for the help of wonderful friends!

Sam, who helps me each week with the mowing and trimming....

Jim, who takes over animal chores each Wednesday, so that I can attend to other things
(he has also spent countless hours completely restoring Tin Lizzy, our 1952 Ford tractor...

Kathy, Jim's wife, who is always eager to help with any "extra" task that requires a second set of hands...
like clipping donkeys, etc.....

Jake, who is our "can-do" guy...
always ready for the hard jobs like taking down trees, or rebuilding a pasture fence.
He and his sister Jackie spent a bit of time here this week helping with the post-storm clean up.

We are so very lucky to have the tender loving care of friends and family...
who help to make this farm the very special place that it is.

To all of them I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
We couldn't do it without you!

Before ending this post, today, I wanted to show you how big my guinea keets have gotten...

There are also a dozen pullets in the group.
I am so excited to see what these guineas will look like as adults...
they have quite unusual coloration.

And last but not least I have to ask you...
does it not look as though perhaps my Nigerians have been out carousing?
It seems they need to lean against the fence in order to make it back home!

They are actually scratching themselves on the fence as they walk back home.


  1. Yes, I have been amused many times by the places and ways my goats will find to scratch some part of their body. They are inventive!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun will be had this weekend. Family and friend are the greatest!! I couldn't even handle my little yard without them. Enjoy your weekend and I'll be back next week!

  3. Awesome Bev....your place looks great! I bet everyone who attends will be blessed! Have fun!

  4. You have such a beautiful homeplace. Those goats are a hoot!

  5. Naw..i think the goats have been nippin' a little on the side;))
    gotta keep that Party goin now!
    Y'all are workin way too hard.. but it looks like fun.

  6. What a fun post! You are lucky to have such wonderful help!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Love that shot of the goats "leaning" their way back to pasture! Hilarious.

    It indeed takes multiple people to make a homestead run. The best part is always after hard work when you get to sit down with drinks and have good conversation. Makes all the hard work worth it!

    Have fun this weekend - wish I could come!

  8. The goaties have a wonderful back scratch-er..too funny..Will the guineas get darker ?..They sure have gotten big rapidly..Good luck this weekend..I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful day..Happy that you have the help that you do..

  9. Your place looks so wonderful and inviting.

  10. Love those scratching goats!


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