Thursday, May 17, 2012


In yesterday's comments "Kris" asked if I have helpers.

I have helpers with every task that I set out to do!

Some help more than others!

But seriously, before you get the wrong impression,
I have to tell you....

I couldn't take care of this entire farm without some help.
You may already know that Wednesday's are my day "off" from farm chores.
Jim, my "cross the street" neighbor and friend does the animal chores on Wednesdays.
This gives me a free day for trips to town for appointments or groceries, if I need.
It also gives me a chance to dig into those big projects that occasionally arise.

Animal chores are a "family" task on weekends...
and with two or more of us doing them, they get done pretty quickly.

Amanda (one of the kids who is presently living at home) helps out in the garden
whenever I need her.

Truly, though, gardening in boxes reduces the amount of work considerably...
and what there is to do is so much easier, when getting on one's hands and knees
is no longer in the equation!
A layer of landscaping fabric on top of some of the boxes reduces the need for weeding, also!

And last but not least, our friend Sam helps out with the mowing and weed whacking.
With about 15 acres of mowing and miles of pasture fence to trim; 
it takes both of us to accomplish that task.

So.... I am no Superwoman.
I spend each day happily going about the farm chores....
with a little time occasionally left over for creativity, too.

I have to say...
it's the BEST job I have ever had!
(And one from which I plan to never retire!)


  1. Sounds good ! Lovely photos. I as a kid on our hobby farm always helped with the gardens and animals , even then I loved it . I was up before the crack of dawn every day before school and helped dad in the barn and with the animlas, had a hardy breakfast and off to school I went , got home from school did what ever home work I had and after supper went off to help dad again with it all over again and in between rode my pony . I wouldnt of changed it for anything and are still looking to do it in my golden years as Papa and I here are lookin to have our own hobby farm. Have a great day !

  2. Well your doing a great job. Gorgous farm! !!! Have a great day

  3. I like your co-pilot, Maddie! I know you have a lot of 4 legged helpers everyday. Love the pic of the pasture with the barns in the distance. Yes, true paradise that I would never retire from.

  4. Is that a hollyhock? It's been decades since I've seen one, so perhaps I'm wrong.

  5. For sure YOU ARE glad you enjoy your job because...THERE IS NO RETIREMENT !!!

  6. I am envious of all your wonderful help.

  7. You are blessed! And your wonderful posts are a blessing to others!

  8. You've certainly got your work cut out for you Bev. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the benefits of gardening in boxes. I still get weeds but NOTHING like what I had before. I like that idea of putting the landscape material in some of the boxes...I think I'll try that around our tomatoes. You're smart to take one day for yourself...well at least to get other things done that need doing. Thank heavens for friends! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend.
    Maura :)


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