Monday, May 14, 2012


Two weeks ago, our beloved Edith (female Bourbon Red turkey)
went missing.
And for a week we searched for her.
And during that week, you all sent your wishes and hopes that we find her safe.

One week ago, we found Edith...
sitting on a nest of eggs.
You rejoiced with me and commented about your worries for her continued safety.
I, too, worried for Edith's safety.
But each morning I would see her sitting on her nest and I would 
silently rejoice that she had made it through the night undetected by predators.

Sadly, yesterday Edith was gone.
This time for good.
A pile of feathers told of a struggle...
her 3 eggs cracked.
Finding this scene, I dropped to my knees and sobbed.

Edith had succumbed to a predator.

My heart is so very heavy.
And filled with guilt.
I could have stopped her from nesting.
I could have taken the eggs.
I could have moved the eggs.
I could have built a fence.
I could have sat by her side for the entire 28 days.

So many things I could have done.

It just seems that we interfere so much with Mother Nature,
and this time I thought I would let Edith do the natural thing.
I thought for sure she would be safe.
After all, she chose a good spot...
close to the goats,
close to the tractor garage,
just close enough to all of our activity,
but far enough for us not to intrude.

But her spot just wasn't good enough.
And now all that is left is this sad, empty spot in the woods with three cracked eggs,
a hole in my heart, 
and a whole lot of "should haves" in my head.

I am sorry to share this sadness with you,
but I know you care.

Tom and Chuck have no idea what happened to Edith.
But they feel the loss.
I know they do.


  1. I am so, so sorry to hear this news. Poor Edith and poor you. I fully understand that you were trying to let nature take its course without interfering. You must be heartbroken, and struggling with your feelings of guilt. You gave Edith a wonderful life with so much more freedom and happiness than most turkeys or farm animals receive, and you only had the best intentions for her. So try not to beat yourself up too much. All your readers know how much you love your animals, and how well they are treated on your farm.
    I am sending you and 'the boys' a 'virtual hug!
    RIP lovely Edith. I so enjoyed reading about your antics! xxx
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Isn't there a song that goes:

    "A turkey sat on the back yard fence and he sang his sad sad tune!" lol!

  3. I am so sorry for your loss Bev. I know how much you love and care for all your animals. I feel some how like I knew Edith and have such a sense of sadness by her untimely passing.

  4. Oh, I'm sorry to hear of this outcome. And I'm sorry for what you're going through. If you only found feathers, perhaps there is a chance she got away? One can only hope.

  5. Beverly, I feel your loss. We who have compassion on our animals try to do the right things and it doesn't always work out as we hope. I've been there and know how much you'd like to kick yourself. These learning experiences give us more wisdom for the next time we need to decide what and how to do for this situation.

  6. Gosh, I'm so sad to hear this!
    Unfortunately, we can't protect our pets from everything, try as we may!
    Edith had a great life with you, remember that.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss . Nature has its ups and downs thats for sure. It can be kind and cruel all at the same time .We will all remember Edith through your wonderful blog , photos and stories of her.

  8. I am SO sorry. My heart is breaking for you.

  9. Bev, I am so so very sorry to hear this. I know how much you care for your animals and can only imagine how heartbreaking this is for you.
    Big hugs!

  10. Oh, I am so sorry...I know how much this is so hard. So hard to let Mother Nature do her work, as she sees fit....

    With tears in my eyes, I am sending a hug.

  11. So sorry doesn't seem enough. We had all fallen in love with Edith and share the loss. But you dear one was there. I wished I could jump out of this screen and give you a hug. I'm sad for Tom & Chuck. I know this is nature but dang you Mother Nature. I lost three of my girls over a month ago and this is the first time I've even mentioned it. Don't we get attached to out animals. Take care and thinking of you! Hugs!!

  12. I am so sorry for your loss. Poor Edith. But as others have said, she had a good life with you. And please don't beat yourself up. You were trying to do what was best for her. You loved her and cared about her. So sorry.

    Hugs, Becky

  13. Bev, I am so sorry that Edith is gone. My heart hurts for you. I know how much you love your animals. Nature is so cruel sometimes.


  14. Coulda, woulda, shoulda...too often we beat ourselves up about things we could have done..I feel so badly for you and your loss...It's heartbreaking..The guilt can be overwhelming but remember that you gave Edith a wonderful life and she was just doing what came naturally...Unfortunately nature did what came naturally as well..So sorry..

  15. Oh Bev, we all share in your sadness. Sending hugs your way, that each day will get a little easier for you.

  16. So very sorry to hear this, I was hoping for a happy ending. But it's obvious that Edith had a wonderful life for a turkey. She was a very lucky girl, despite her untimely end.

  17. OHH! SOo SAD :(
    You did what you could for her happyness. Bless You! You let her be her Turkey self and she had a BlissFull life.

    Fly your little soul Home now Edith
    you were a Good Mama!
    We were priviledged to know you.

    Thanks for sharing your lives with us Bev.

  18. I don't know who Clint Baker is, but I want to slap him! Bev, I am so, so sorry to read this today. I know how much you worried when Edith disappeared, and even when you found her, I know you worried for her safety. Sometimes nature is so cruel. Before you knew me, I had one chicken. One beloved chicken. Named Snacker. She got sick. I cried, and nursed her back to health, feeding her by hand, and administering meds three times a day. I know exactly how you feel. In the end, I lost my Snacker too. She was a chicken, yes. But she was so much more!!! I know your heart aches for Edith. And so does mine.
    Hugs friend.

  19. I too am sorry that you are so sad Bev but it takes me once again to my favorite verse........"to everything there is a season". Hugs!

  20. As I read your post, my heart was breaking for you. I will not try to take away your grief (that's just how girls like us feel about our animals), but I would like to try to take away your guilt. Whenever I have time to read blogs, yours is always on my list. I read your posts with wonder, awe, and tons of admiration at the "haven" you have created for all of the sweet critters that live there. I know that you made what you truly believed was the best decision at the time, and I know that you would never do anything that you thought was not in the best interest of your beloved. (Also, know that every time one of my pets passes away, I can think of a million things I could have done differently...but sometimes we just can't control the universe.) Edith had a wonderful life with you so please hang on to that. Thank you for all that you do for those animals. You are a real inspiration to me. My thoughts are certainly with you, dear maven.

  21. Aw Bev I'm so sorry to read this. I thought for sure it was going to be a happy post about Edith because I knew you had found her and she was close by. You did the best thing for her...she wanted to be alone while she sat but yet be close by. You respected that. I understand your feelings. I hope you spend lots of time with your new goat babies...I'm sure they'll take your mind off things. Take care.
    Maura X

  22. Lisa (BassetMom)May 14, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    I shed some tears for you and Edith as I read this morning's post. She (along with all your other critters) had the best life possible for a turkey, because of you and the Bee Haven Acres family. It's always painful to lose something we care for and there is "a time for every season."
    It's OK to allow yourself to grieve. Hugs to you, Bev...

  23. I am so sorry about Edith-see was so loved-Marsha

  24. Oh Bev, I don't know what to say because nothing will make you feel better about this. I am sorry Edith is gone and that you are all missing her. They take up residence in our hearts and bring us joy. But they don't stay with us forever and there comes the pain. I hope you will get Tom and Chuck a new girl when the time is right. Sending you a big hug.

  25. I'm so sorry to hear you've lost Edith. Nature can sometimes be cruel. It does no good to second-guess our actions. You gave her a wonderful loving home where she was cared for.

  26. Oh Bev, Meri called me this morning with the sad news....I am so sorry, and am sending you hugz....

  27. We usually start our days out smiling and laughing with you... today, we cried with you. I’ve waited soo long to send you a note hoping to come up with something wise, but instead we just carry heavy hearts... it is certainly not your fault and hoping that someday soon you will realize what happened .. Well, it just happened. As others have said it is sometimes just Mother Nature being Mother Nature :( It is very unfortunate, but she had a very glamorous life and was lucky to be in your care, and to be a part of your family! Our hope for you is that you let the sweet memories and the love of all of your other fur and feathered friends carry you through this loss of a dear sweet turkey named, Edith. <3

    Thinking of you and 'the boys'.

    Danielle and the Girls.

  28. Awww, this is so sad. You know, wildlife has survived and fallen to predators since the beginning of time so don't be too hard on yourself. Nature can just be sad at times. :-( So sorry she is gone.

  29. Poor Edith. I truly know how you feel. We lost three of our beautiful Boer goats to a cougar and I was so sad and frustrated. Since then, we have built a secure nightime shelter that a cougar cannot get into...but I worry on those occasions when we are away and the goats stay out for the night. And then there was yesterday when the two farmcats killed the baby quail chicks in the pasture. I was so mad at them! Again, my husband says such is farmlife. Sometimes farmlife is hard...


  30. Oh noooooooooo, not Edith !!! We are so sorry to hear of this, Bev.
    (((hugs))) for you & the boyz.
    I too have had a share of heartbreak concerning the poultry here. Lost chicks,dead hens and all. How very sad for Edith- she was doing what Nature told her to- and it wasn't good enough. Don't beat yourself up to much-sometimes God calls those very special beings back to heaven way to early

    Kris @ WoodFinn Farm in Newport,PA

  31. Oh Bev,
    Nature can be cruel.. I am so sorry to hear about Edith. You know in your heart that you took care of her... Please don't harbor quilt..


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