Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I Have Been "Up To"

Gardening season is definitely here....
and my sewing room sits idle and neglected!

Lately I am outside from sun-up to sun-down.
Beside the fact that we have planted grass in a ten foot wide strip around the entire indoor arena,
(not to mention a 200 by 5 foot swath covering the trench that carries water to said arena)
I have also been building a rock garden.

Last week it looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

I have been hauling tractor loads of soil,
tractor loads of compost,
truck loads of screened topsoil,
more compost,
perennial flowers,
and finally tanbark mulch.

Then there's the garden, where weeding and watering have taken priority.

Not to mention the greenhouse where countless seedlings sit helpless and dependent upon
daily watering.

Yesterday I weeded and mulched the asparagus patch.
Look what I found...

a month early.
Needless to say, we had fresh asparagus for dinner.
Yum...nothing better!

Miss Minerva is quite pleased with the progress in the gardens.

Well, I am just dog tired!

Feel free to stop by the farm for the visit.
I can't guarantee that I won't put you to work, however!!

PS...a big thank you to Manny Bee (Amanda) for taking today's photos.


  1. The rock garden looks great! Autumn is well underway here, but we have been enjoying lovely mild weather. I am not looking forward to the onset of Winter!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Love the flower garden and the rock border!! The last picture is priceless tired puppy

  3. Wonderful photos ! That gardne is going to look amazing . Glad to hear all is well on the farm. I would love to visit and be put to work can I muck out the stables ? I miss all that sounds strange but I do ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. WoW! So I thought your rock garden was going to be on the smallish side... That is huge!! No wonder you're so tired. You've done a beautiful job. Very impressive.

  5. I can't wait to see your rock garden when it's done! You sure have been busy. I work part time, but I could really use those extra hours to work around our gardens.

  6. Love the tired puppy photo! I guess she's pooped just from watching you, lol!

    Spring is always a busy time of year and just a wonderful time to be outdoors. I'm working on enlarging the chicken and duck run; leveling it, digging a pond for the ducks and then enclosing it. LOTS of work but the end result will be awesome which makes it totally worth it!

    Your garden looks great!

  7. Wow, I just don't know how you have all that get so much must sleep well at night!!!

  8. You are one busy beaver! That rock garden is going to be fantastic, I can already see that! You just make sure that you and Sammy get your rest! Have a great day, Hugs!!

  9. Things look great..
    Dogs know when to rest!!!!

  10. Minerva has SUCH a sweet sweet hat! Love her to pieces.

  11. I would visit in a heartbeat, if only I could!
    : ) Everything looks great!!!!

  12. Wow you have been busy....I love how asparagus grows..just like that!

  13. Wow! This is looking really great. I must admit that I am a bit jealous of the asparagus!

  14. Oh I love your rock garden! You have been busy.. I love to watch the seedlings come up... It is going to be just beautiful.

  15. I would love to come visit your farm :-). So glad Pete is doing well!


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