Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surf's Up!

With the advent of warmer weather came the necessity for some way for our dear
piggy girls to cool off.
Apparently, pigs don't sweat and are not good at getting rid of heat,
so hot days are hard on them.

The solution?
A piggy pool, of course.

And yesterday MaryAnn decided to try it out.....

If you've never seen a pig smile, you have now!

She'd be doing back flips and cannon balls into the pool if she could!

In our search for something to use as a pool,
we weren't satisfied with plastic kiddie pools, as the sides are flimsy
and the edges are sharp.

So, instead, we opted for a sand box that was solid plastic.

It holds water well...just deep enough for a lounging pig!

MaryAnn would give it "two thumbs up" if she had thumbs!

And, as you can see it is just the right height for them to enter and exit 
with no difficulty!

After their swim,
they happily ran back to the barn for supper.

And when I say run.... these two gals can really cover a lot of ground in a short time!
They may not look it, but they are quite athletic!

Just in case they decide to head the wrong way, we keep their lead ropes and halters on...
until they are safely tucked in their stall.

And just because I got this adorable picture of Daphne,
 I will share it with you....

Isn't she just the most stubborn sweetest girl ever?

PS....yes I have eeked a little time out to sew.
I put pictures of my latest work on my sewing blog


  1. have really done it this time. Wow!! What a perfect find for your little friends. Great look for the farm and it does its job. They are going to love you even more for this latest addition to there routine. What a pigs I watched one of the videos and yes they sure can scoot

  2. How cute are these pictures! Once again, I think your animals are so fortunate to belong to you. Thanks so much for your posts. They always bring a smile to my face.

  3. Before you told us what the pool was, I thought it was a Flintstone's building block for kids to build a stone looking house... It's very cool!! I'd use it if I were a pig.

  4. LOL.. love those pigs! What a clever idea for a pig pool. I think I'm going to do this for my dogs!

  5. A piggy pool, that's new to me!! I haven't made it to any of your donkey posts yet, I love her!! Can't wait to read more!

  6. What a life!!! At Bee Haven Acres! Love that pool, it's perfect for them and they love you for it!

  7. I never thought id say this,but you have pretty pigs!! And Daphne is a cutie too :)

  8. This is truly hog heaven! Yes, I can see her smiling. Great find on the sand box, might last a little longer. Did you get two, one for back up? It's off I go to get ready for work. Thanks for my morning smile!

  9. How adorable! I wonder if, in summer, they'll be hanging out in that pool much more. I guess this is why pigs love the mud so much.

  10. Piggy heaven !! Maybe you should have gotten a larger size??? Too funny!!!

  11. As always, everything looks wonderful & inviting on the Farm...
    Thanx for letting me 'share' some time with the 4-legged gang,,, :>)
    Poor Leo,,, but now he will have a much more 'carefree' life' eh?
    Luv the Rock Garden.... how do you feel about coming back over here & making one for me ???? :>)
    hugz & miss ya dear friend

  12. Sam and I have that same little piggy pool in our yard with sand in it for the grandkids!! When I see it now it will remind me of the pigs and make me smile.

  13. I have the same sandbox, what a coincidence. It used to be a sandbox, now it's a temporary brooder, and soon it will be a raised garden bed. And you use it as a pool! That thing is so versatile!

  14. Happy piggies! They look like they are in pig heaven.

  15. Perfect swimming pool for the little piggies! Good job.

  16. Just popped in for a visit and have been scrolling through your posts. We want to get a pool for our jet black dog who we know will suffer this summer in the sun. This is an excellent idea! I hope we can find one like it, too.

    You sure have some cute critters there and your garden shed is adorable!


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