Monday, April 23, 2012

Push Me Pull You!

I've started putting my horses out to pasture early in the morning.

They love being out to graze and

best of all they love when Becky's horses are across the fence from them.

The donkeys can finally go out to graze, too.
We had them in quarantine until their fecal exams were free of parasites.
And finally after worming they are!

I have not yet put them out with the horses, but instead keep them in a separate pasture for now.
Daphne went right out into the front pasture,

Chloe was another story.
She was quite hesitant to jump over the board that lies across the ground at the gate.
(This board keeps the bedding in the dry lot from washing into the front pasture.)

We talked. We cajoled.

And finally we pulled.
(it is amazing how these girls can dig their heels in!)
(notice how much help Sam is!)

And pulled a little harder.
Nope....not way!

We talked and pushed and took both Hubbs and I to get her out.
But, once out, she had a blast.
The girls ran and played and grazed....finally aware of what they had been missing.

The boys kept watch...

Coming back in was the same story.

A little hay put down for enticement,
and Daphne came right in.

Again Choe was another story.
We talked about it.

And finally we had to do a little more than talking.

A little push from behind and she finally decided to join her sister.
The picture I didn't get was her leaping 3 feet into the air to clear the board!

So the old saying..."stubborn as a mule"... implying that those creatures in the donkey family
are a bit willful might have an element of truth to it.  But I have come to the conclusion that 
the stubbornness is not orneriness but rather caution.  So maybe we should change the saying to 
"Cautious as a mule!"

PS....I have started all of my equines on a strong garlic supplement with their daily pellet feed.
It is supposed to help ward off flies in the summer.
What I know is that they have amazingly offensive breath...
as for the flies...
time will tell!


  1. How cute is this! It makes me wanna go out and get a mini donkey! No! I can't.. but these two are precious. You have the patience of Job. So wonderful to see. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They are so cute I! !! Have a great start of the week!!!!

  3. Fantastic photos and I loved the video ! Great post . Hope Chloe is ok now with the going through the gate ! Have a great day !

  4. You can just never be too careful, right Chloe? Poor thing. Glad she finally went/was pushed over the board and was able to enjoy the day in the pasture. :-)

  5. Oh my, this provided a chuckle this morning. I also enjoyed all the extra four legged help you had. Right Chloe, cautious, never stubborn! Hope you are having a great day, Hugs!

  6. Great post..too funny..Sam wasn't much help :)
    Mollie went nuts watching the video..Rooster sounds and then she saw TomTom..I thought I ws going to lose my computer...

  7. Yep they can be very cautious but that is not always a bad thing! I love the video!

  8. A pleasure as always, to come visit you here on the farm. So funny about the stubborn mule!!!! Does your sister in law Becky live right next door?

  9. Yes, donkeys are cautious yet curious. Just wait until they are full grown and don't want to come in from grazing...not for carrots, not for anything. I have taken to offering corn chips because that seems to be the one thing that will entice them:-) Those girls are adorable.

  10. How nice to have them out in green pasture! That sounds a lot like how I got my llama to go out to pasture the first time when we added to the farm. You'd think they would race to get that green stuff.

  11. That video is so typical donkey lol love it...they are curious as heck but when it comes to actions they are little chickens. lol...too cute....

  12. Thanks so much for the evening chuckle ! Gotta love those ever cautious little donks.

  13. Love this post-they are both so beautiful! I may try this garlic thing!!

  14. I remember a similar experience I had with a pony I was trying to bring in from pasture for dinner. He was. not. going to budge for anything. I finally ended up tacking him like a sailboat to get him out the gate. The next day, I left him to the last and when he realized everyone was inside eating dinner except him, he came willingly and eagerly.

    I just surfed over here from Donkey Bums. Nice place you have here.


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