Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just An Ordinary Day...Only Windier!

It's April and the weird weather continues!
We have been besieged by wind this whole last week.
In what should be our rainiest month...
(remember "April showers bring May flowers!")
we have been rain-free.
We are now experiencing a drought with wild fire warnings almost daily!

Although the farm is a bit dusty right now, things really are quite lovely.
The apple orchard is in full bloom.

The crabapples are blossoming as well...nothing crabby about them!

With a little water, my garden is flourishing!

The sugar peas will soon start their skyward climb on trellises...

The 150 strawberry plants that we put in a few weeks ago are growing,
I think they are contemplating bearing fruit this year....

Every one is content that Spring is here...

And so life goes on...
the daily rhythmic hum of routine
that gives us peace and tranquility.

Pigs grazing....

Goats growing....

Turkeys supervising....

Donkey sweetness given willingly...

And Pete looking perkier each day...

Doesn't he have a glimmer in his eye?

For those of you who have joined me in the celery regrowth experiment,
I thought I would give you an update....

Here is what my first celery plant looks like.

The outside has dried up, but the plant finally has several roots

I planted it in potting soil...covering the roots,
with the soil extending up the sides of the old stalk about 1/2 inch.

I placed them in the greenhouse and will keep them moist.
A sunny window would be fine as well.

New growth, rebirth, new life...
isn't Spring wonderful?


  1. Looks like all is well. We've had the wind and no rain here as well. I pray for rain and soon. Have a blessed day.

  2. What great pics. Looks like your harden is having a fine start!! Have a very happy and blessed day

  3. We had our winds in March but no rain yet here so far for April, sigh. I've had to water my gardens and they're doing OK but they do so much better with rain water.

    Pete is looking great! I would even say he's starting to smile!

    I am currently trying to regrow a carrot. New growth started while still in the bag of carrots in the fridge. I've got the end of the carrot sitting in a shallow bowl of water in the window sill and leaves continue to grow. I'm hoping it will do the same as your celery and start growing some roots one day!

  4. Love apple and cherry blossom time. Now if your wind doesn't blown them off too soon. Our rain is back, boo, so no working in the yard again for me. Look at your peas??? Mine aren't even planted yet, nothing planted yet. Hopefully in two weeks the rains will let up! Enjoy your ordinary day, from my stand point it looks wonderful.

  5. Wonderful photos ! Everything looks great there ! Pete looks like he is home and looks great ! It has been a chilly wind here got some rain last night . I think winter is still trying to hang on here a bit but spring is slowly pushing it out thank goodness ! Have a great day !

  6. The orchard must be so gorgeous..your photos sure are!

  7. Spring is wonderful! I have not yet tried the celery thing that I am seeing everyone do. I will though. Pete...oh he is looking handsome!!!!

  8. Yes - spring is lovely!!
    We're dry too and have to water almost daily! Having a frost tonight, so am covering the new plantings with boxes until noon tomorrow!

  9. We've had some pretty weird weather here and it's been very cold for early April... not the usual dampness, but cold with lots of random hail! I'm hoping it stops that soon, rain is fine, hail not so much. The photos are beautiful, I love the blossoms! Ours won't be out until early May (if it stops hailing!) the critters are adorable :)

  10. Everything looks so beautiful! I'm glad to see Pete improving~what a lucky guy to have found you. Hope you get some rain!

  11. Pete looks does your celery..
    I'm a little concerned that we could have a drought year..2 1/2 inches behind already...


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