Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy As A Pig In Mud!

Summer gave us a preview yesterday as temperatures soared to 85.
Part of why I love Pennsylvania so much is the change of seasons.
But, usually the change is a little more gradual.
Not so, it seems, this year.
Spring arrived ahead of schedule,
and it looks as though summer might also.

The heat is hard on the animals, who have yet to shed their winter coats.
The donkeys and horses are still covered with wooly fur,
that I fear I may have to shave off.

The pigs, even though they don't grow a winter coat, also mind the heat.

Water is the solution for them.

A cool mud puddle in the shade and lots of drinking water keeps them cool.

And when that doesn't work, a shower helps.

Yesterday Ginger and MaryAnn had several showers via watering can.

They were quite appreciative!

It looks as though a kiddie pool is what I will be shopping for this week!

We are in the process of making a new pig yard in the orchard.
The fence is up, and I cut a door in the backside of the hay room that is attached
to the horses' run-in shed.
This hay room has been turned into a summer stall for the pigs...
shelter from rain and heat...
with a large shady yard to graze in...
complete with a mud hole!
What happy pigs they will be when they can finally move in to their new home...
but first, we are waiting for new grass to grow (just planted this past weekend.)


  1. It is slowly reaching our usual temps here at least our winds now are warm and dont have a chill to them any more , here in Canada the weather is so unpredictable ! Lovely photos bet the girls will love their new shelter ! Have a great day !

  2. I imagine the horses would like a mud hole of their very own:-) The donkeys...well, they much prefer the dry dirt. I look forward to seeing photos of the new pig yard in the orchard.

  3. Oh, send some of that 85 degree weather my way. I'm dreaming of how good it will feel, ahhhhh! You have so much fun with your daily work with the animals. Retirement hurry up!! Here's to another great day!

  4. Oh how I love to visit you there on the farm!! Such fun photos. Loved the ones with your grandson and the trip through the farm with the gator! He and the "kids" too, so cute!!!
    We are hot again here too. Supposed to be high 90's over the weekend. Better get the pool all ready!!!

  5. Ya, the heat is pretty much hard on most living creatures and even the plants. A wee bit cooler here today with rain on the horizon and BOY can we use rain!

    That's NOT their Winter coat???

    i didn't Know pigs could be so Hairy all the time!

    i'll be thinking of you trimming Donkeys while i give my sweetie B a trim.
    You Literally have your work 'cut out' for you! (hehehe;>

  7. I think yesterdays temps were a fluke for now..Back to the 70's for the foreseeable future..Your new grass will love this weekends rain...I hope Ginger and MaryAnn will be happy in their new digs...

  8. Weather wise there is no "normal" anymore, huh.

    Scary and exhausting to think about how to accommodate 85 degree heat in April.

    Glad the piggies did well!!

  9. What happy pigs you must have-they are so loved :)


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