Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yesterday was another mostly sunny day on the farm....
with gusty winds howling through the trees.

I feared Minerva might lose her brand new hat!

Our warm weather experienced a hiccup last night as temperatures plummeted into the high 20's.
In preparation, I covered my tender seedlings with clay pots and plastic.

As part of our pasture rotation program,
I moved the pigs into a new enclosure for their grazing time.
This time they shared a yard with our dwarf Nigerian goats.

The goats were unsure about having these strange creatures in their yard with them,
and so they stayed in and around their houses all day long,

watching as the pigs combed over their yard like lawnmowers.

There is nothing more wonderful than fresh Spring grass!

And as long as Ginger and MaryAnn have plenty of grass to eat, 
they resist the temptation to use their snouts as shovels to uncover tasty roots.

I was relieved to see there would be no inter-species skirmishes.
All was quiet...
that is, until feeding time for goats.

To prevent the pigs from eating the goat feed, I harnessed them up and got them to the gate.
Before I could open the gate to usher the pigs back to the barn,
one of our elder goats, Star, marched over to the gate and gave each of the pigs a firm head butt,
sending them squealing out of the enclosure.

It's as if Star was telling the girls to "get lost"...
"it's our time to eat!"

Do you recognize this horse??

Pete is looking so much better.
He is also a very effective lawnmower, and prefers pasture grass over hay.

I believe he has already gained some weight.
He's starting to finally hold his head up...
life is really looking up for this chap!


  1. Those are the best lawn mowers! LOL

  2. Wonderful photos and post ! Looks nice and green there to . Yes the temps at night hanve dropped here to strange weather, as long as it is sunny and some what warm during the day I dont mind ! Pete looks great ! Have a good day !

  3. Send those lawnmowers over here please! That could be a new business venture for you.

    Pete looks amazing BTW.

  4. I love those lawnmowers. The very best. I have to look back to see about Pete. I must have missed him. If he is looking better he must have been a sad boy before. I think I should say you guys did a good job right now.

  5. That is the contented look of an animal that has suffered from neglect and now is happy that he is receiving love and proper care once again.
    Heather in PA

  6. Love all the piggie photos this morning. Wow, look at Pete, Isn't it amazing what a little love can do.
    Hugs to you and all the critters this morning!

  7. Very cute story of the goat kicking the piggies in the arse at lunchtime.

    Pete looks so much better already, living life on your beautiful healing farm. And the grass! How could he even think about hay? I can't wait to see photos in another month, and another month, and so on.

  8. Star was just waiting for an opportunity to butt those "little" intruders..Too funny..I saw something on TV recently that plastic was not a good insulator for plants in cold..better to use cloth or newspaper..I'm sure it helps with the wind though..Pete looks so much better..He's not all ribs anymore..Thanks to Dr Becky's TLC..

  9. What kind of pigs are those? Ive never seen furry ones like that?

  10. Ginger and MaryAnn are Kunekune pigs from New Zealand. They are grazers...vegetarians...and not hogs that you would "slop". They eat grass and hay and a pelleted feed like a guinea pig. They can have treats of fruits and veggies....but never any animal byproducts. They have long, thick, sometimes curly hair and not the wiry, bristly stuff that hogs get. They are quite friendly and love to have their bellies rubbed. We just love our girls!!!

  11. Pete has definitely gained some weight and is looking much happier. Yay!

    Cute story about the girls and the goats! Ha!

  12. Pete does look great, not seeing so much of his ribs, we has the most wonderful and prefect family now.

  13. Pete does look better, such good care pays off .a very lucky boy

    Annie v.

  14. I love to get my daily giggle from reading your post. Those pigs have really grown.
    Linda in Ms

  15. Oh, my gosh, my heart just swells with love for that horse! Think about how nice it must feel to have sun, green grass, to not be in pain, and to have nice people in his life.

    Such a lucky dude.


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