Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Garden Magic

Spring has arrived and once again my garden beckons to me.
I have been preparing my garden boxes and planting some cool weather plants.
Although, if the present weather trend continues,
I'll be able to plant a whole lot more very soon!

For now, though, I have kale...

and onions...

and carrots, radishes, and sugar peas in the ground.
The rhubarb has emerged, seemingly overnight!

Over the past few years, my garden has taken on a bit of a whimsical feel.
With last year's addition of the colorful playhouse and garden shed,
the garden has become quite a magical place, too!

This Spring I had the idea to add a special door.

Oh, you can walk into my garden from either end...through a gate in the fence...
and view the vegetables, fruits and flowers.

But to see the magic, the whimsy, the fairies, gnomes and animals that talk....
why, you must enter through a secret door...


Come and peek through the secret keyhole....

or the magic window....

and you, too, will see the wee folk who tend the garden for me
when I am busy elsewhere.

They sing and march and dance with wild abandon through this garden which is their home.

And, if you happen to stop by the garden at night, you will see the glowing
lights from their nightly revelry.


In just a couple of months, these garden boxes that now stand empty
will be filled with bountiful produce and flowers galore.
I can hardly wait!

As for last year's fairy garden.
I am afraid it has fallen prey to a rather large,
King Kong-like creature who has unleashed it's destructive fury....
pecking, stomping, and rearranging everything beyond recognition.

You naughty bird!

Looks like my fairy garden will need a make-over this year!
Ah well....just another project to add to the list.

(PS...all of the lighting in my garden is solar powered.
And the blue door is a salvaged antique...with wonderful detail
and beveled glass window... a great find!)


  1. Great start on your garden and so pretty, too. Edith made me laugh! :)

  2. Oh I do love your blue door and the reasoning behind it ! My Daffodils havent opened yet but I hope they will today as it is to be sunny and warm high of 75 . Edith causeing trouble I see lol ! I cant wait to get my hands dirty in my gardesn planting my perenials ! Have a good day !

  3. Your garden looks wonderful! I never thought to add lights to our veggie beds. Mmh, another project for me?:-)

  4. Don't you love this weather! !! Your harden is going to be great! !!!have a great Tuesday! !!!

  5. Absolutely love your garden and the raised beds, but especially the blue door and the fairies! I would love to see a close up of your fairy garden.

  6. Melissa,

    Check out this post from last summer....



  7. I love this post! You do have a magical garden.

  8. Oooh, the little fairies are perfect for the garden as is the blue door! Now, about that Edith... she needs a firm talking to!

  9. Your garden looks great and will look even better in a few months, I bet!

  10. Your garden is looking wonderful already! I spy Minerva through that welcoming door! You have given me a great idea to steal for my garden! It's way too wet to play in my garden! Oh Edith, that's all I'm saying!

  11. I simply love the fairy door...adorable. Your garden raised beds look fabulous, I know you love them already. I would like some myself but then I would have to add a fence to keep out my girls!! Ha! Edith just wanted a nest of her own...lol

  12. I love your magical door. I hope the beautiful spring weather is going to last. After all it is suppose to be in the 70's here in Maine today. I fear a hard freeze to kill the spring buds. Happy Spring!

  13. Darling post..Edith , even though she was a bad girl,made me laugh..silly turkey..and what a fun imagination you have...I hope your fairies give you a lot of help..Do they like to weed?? Bet not!!

  14. It feels good to get stuff planted, doesn't it??

    I'm in Washington and I put out peas and beans that I presprouted inside and the next day it hailed and then we had a freeze.

    So I will have the pleasure of starting again! Adapt and overcome, right? Just like the fairy garden!

  15. Love your garden lights. I keep seeing them in the catalogs and being tempted, but wondered if they were really as nice as they looked.

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