Wednesday, March 21, 2012


By now you may have figured out that our Sammy is the best farm dog ever!
He has such respect for all of the animals...
(ok, well, he does like to play chase with the horses....
but then I think they like it just as much as he!)
I even think he feels a great affection for all of the other species.

As you've seen, he loves the donkeys and the pigs.
But the baby goats....
oh my, Sammy just can't get enough of the baby goats!

Sadly, for him, his visits are limited to the opposite side of the fence.

He would love to come inside the fence and play with these lively creatures,
but he is forbidden, as this would cause the Mamas too much stress!

He sits ever so still, with pleading eyes, for as long as it takes....

For one of the curious little ones to come over to the fence....

for a quick sniff, or even a little lick....

Alas, the tiny visits are never long enough 
with these youngsters who have the attention span of a gnat!

And they once again scamper off in search of fun...

leaving poor Sammy alone again.

In honor of Spring's arrival,
Ginger and MaryAnn have some salutations to share with you...
Please turn up your volume to enjoy this short video!

PS: Pete has had his first bath and is looking pretty spiffy!
His swelling has gone down considerably...
he may soon be able to go out without his sling.
Things are certainly looking up for this poor fellow!
Happy Spring, Pete!


  1. Poor Sammy. What a gorgeous dog he is. You can see from his body language how much he wants to play with those babies!
    The piggies are looking so grown up!
    I loved yesterday's pic of the desecrated fairy garden. My chickens love destroying my pots like this too. I imagine the damage a turkey can do is much worse!
    Pete was such a pitiful sight last week, but he does look so much better already. It must be so rewarding to rehabilitate an animal like that, but also very harrowing. I hope he continues to recover, both physically and mentally.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. You guys are taking such great care of Pete! I'm so glad to see he's doing better.
    Sammy is such a good dog, I just love how he sits outside the fence and waits for the babies to come over.:-)

  3. Sigh. My Shadow could take lessons on animal love from your Sammy. Sigh. Sure wish. We may have to rehome Shadow.

  4. Oooh, poor Sammy. You can just see it on his face how badly he wants them to come play with him. That's sweet. Appyhay Ingspray to YOU too!!

  5. Miggy is very much like Sammy , she just loves other animals and is soo gental . Pete does look good has bright eyes now and his coat looks great ! Awesome post , video and photos ! Happy Spring to you and the clan ! Have a great day !

  6. Look at Pete! Wow what a change some love can do. Sammy, you are such a good dog, someday maybe you can play with the kids when they get bigger. Love the pig Latin, I need to bush up on my Latin for I didn't quite get it all. They said come visit I think! Hugs!!

  7. I am so happy for Pete!! Please keep us posted on his progress....

  8. My goodness, the little girls (not so little anymore) almost sound like they are saying woof! So cute.

    Poor Sam, I can see how much he wants inside the fence! He is such a sweetie....if you need a sitter...

  9. I am thrilled beyond words to have found your blog! I shall live vicariously through you. It has always been my dream to live on a farm. But I shall have to be content with my one acre plot, dog, cat, and hens!!!
    How on earth did Pete get that horrible injury? I am so glad he is doing so well!! The farm dog is so sweet. He must be at least part lab!!!!
    XO Kris

  10. It's great to see a good farm dog!

  11. Are the kitties enjoying the spring weather?

  12. Pete really does look better already. Glad he's on the mend. Those kids do love to bounce around and discover everything! Poor Sammy.

  13. Sammy looks like he's in deprived...He is definitely happy on the farm...Perky Pete..looks better already..

  14. Appyhay Ingspray to you too!

  15. Sammy is a dear and gentle farm dog. He has such soulful eyes!

  16. Sammy is one great dog.. I love his expression... I know he must be a very loving dog..
    Oh those KIDS! They are just too cute!
    Good to see Pete is doing better.
    He sure was blessed to have come to live with you and also to have such good vet care.
    Enjoy your week,


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