Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday upon returning home from our riding lesson,
Sissy went into labor.
Within an hour and a half she had given birth to...
first a girl, tri-colored...

By the time Sissy had Doeling #1 cleaned up,
out came.....

Doeling #2...
another tri-colored (mostly brown).

Before she had time to clean up #2,
#3's leg was emerging.
This time it was a little boy...
#3...a buckling.

All three nursed immediately.
After Sissy cleaned each of them up,
they went into the warming hut.

When not nursing, they will sleep in here under a warming light.

Tomorrow I will share more pictures of them...maybe video.
By that time they will be alert and active.
Now the fun begins!

Great job Sissy....
what a good Mama she is!


  1. Congratulations! 3 little kids, how exciting! Sissy certainly does seem to be an excellent mother. If only it were that quick/simple for us!
    And the donkeys are beautiful too. You must be so excited!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Your farm is full of CUTENESS right now!!
    Baby donkeys, kids, adorable pigs, and all the rest of your menagerie!!
    What a fun place!

  3. Great way to start my day Bev!! Anxiously awaiting more photos!!~~Rain

  4. What a wonderful day for the farm. I can't wait to see them running around and having fun. Good for Sissy!!

  5. Congrats sissy! !!!!!! Welcome to the world babies

  6. Oh how cute they are... Can't wait to see more pictures of the little ones.

  7. I had no idea goats could have triplets! How often does that happen? Congratulations on the new hoofs.


  8. How wonderful...such sweet little babies! They all look great...things are really happening! Enjoy all the new kids!

  9. Now the excitement of kids running and jumping begins, nothing cuter! Yes, what a good Mama with three! I won't hold my breath but I will be anxious awaiting more pictures. Let the fun begin!

  10. Congratulations to you and the other 2 need to get moving.....

  11. AWW SOO CUTE ! Congrats to you and the mums ! Awesome photos ! Thanks for sharing this wonderful time with us ! Have a terrific day !

  12. Awww, there is nothing like brand new babies!! All types!!! I hopped over from Karen's blog. LOVE your blog! And have been perusing both this one and your personal blog! So much to see. I will be following and coming back often!

  13. congratulations, andd the best of health to them all

    Annie v.

  14. Bev I bet you about go into overload with all the cuteness and babies everywhere,and more to come.

  15. Congratulations! They are beautiful.

  16. gorgeous! and Triplets?? Thats alot of babies for a fainter and it proves how well you take care of them! Beautiful colors!!

  17. Bet Sissy said - "FINALLY!!"
    Bless her!!

  18. Welcome to the world Sissy's Babies!

    You Are adorable!

  19. They are precious!!!
    Linda in Mississippi

  20. Yay, triplets!

    That's a job well done for such a good looking gal.

    Congrats, farm mama!

  21. Oh, I am such a dork-I am teary eyed to hear this awesome news! The babes are sooooo precious-what a good job Sissy is doing too!!! Ha, I feel like a great auntie! :). Can't wait to watch them all grow. Hope your riding lesson went well, Bev! Congrats!

  22. So cute. Congrats to the mama goat & you. Blessings!


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