Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Fever

The past few days have gifted us with highs in the 60's.
A major case of Spring fever has invaded every cell in my body.

(Sadly with today's gale force winds, 
the warmth is blowing out and cold air is rushing in 
to remind us that Ole Man Winter has not yet packed his bags.)

Warmer temperatures give the piglets (I use that term loosely) an opportunity
to spend lots of time out of doors.
Getting them to their grazing yard is a slow process 
that requires the use of their harnesses and lead ropes.
Without them, our dear little piggies would surely take off for the chicken coops in search of food!

They spend a little time rooting around their yard,
grazing on grass hay,
and sleeping in the sun.

I took this picture with the telephoto lens, and tried to get close,
but as soon as they heard me sneaking up on them,
they came running.

Getting them back to the barn at the end of the afternoon
is a much easier process,
as long as I bring a reminder of what waits for them in the barn...

A few shakes of the feed cup, and the pigs take off
running toward the barn.

At this point they are focussed 

and on a mission....

not stopping until the barn is reached and their noses are in their dishes!

Generally speaking, managing these gals is a pretty easy job.
They are highly motivated by food,
so getting them to do anything is easiest with treats.
They are willful and strong, but extremely sweet natured.
Even when they throw a "hissy fit", they do so with kindness!

Spring fever had it's way with all of us this week.
Sadie enjoyed a grass bath...

The chickens all had dust baths...

And the horses enjoyed some time in the front pasture...barren as it is right now.

Before we know it, the land will once again be green and lush
and the horses will get fat from grazing!

By the way, we are picking up Daphne and Morning Glory
(our new mini donkeys)
next Saturday, March 3rd,
and bringing them home to the farm.
(Just in time for kidding season!)
March will be an exciting month here on the farm!
Stay tuned.....


  1. Just LOVE your piglets! And the pics of the rest of the animals enjoying the day. It's coming, I know it's coming!!!!

  2. I started signing "Old MacDonald", I am getting the fever as well!

  3. Oh, they are so darn cute. Makes you just want to hug them. And... you're getting more animals??(donkeys)... I give you credit, you do a beautiful job managing your farm, the care level is exceptional..and you keep adding to your work

    We have a mini donkey farm down the road from here, they are so adorable. If I didn't have my two minis, I'd indulge. Some of theirs are paints! I'm interested to see what you're bringing home :-)

  4. Your little piggies are just adorable! Our temps actually reached the upper 70's yesterday! The wind was blowing like crazy, but the sunshine was glorious. Of course today will be much cooler again and we might even get some rain. Like you said, winter isn't over yet...

  5. Gota love those piggies ! beautiful photo. I cant wait till you get your mini Donkeys I love them they are soo cute ! I love minis of all kinds , ponies, cows , goats , donkeys ect ! Have a great day !

  6. Showed my students your piggies heading to the barn!! One of my students has back yard chickens and she said her's looks just like yours!!
    We're still waiting for winter --- afraid that we're skipping right over it this year!

  7. There's my Sadie! You know she's mine, but you just have custody! Oh piggies, piggies you are so darn cute. I'm sitting here as the sun is coming up, yes, I said sun! Don't get too excited it is only 36 out. I can't wait for pictures of the new arrivals. You have confirmed it, I am truly moving in now!! Sending Hugs and warmth!!!

  8. Yup the temperatures have been amazing but I can do without the winds..Gusts to 50mph this weekend..Yuk..Not good walking weather..Dust baths will be difficult...Can't wait for the minis..Have a great weekend...

  9. So glad your girls are doing so well. I really get that...motivated by food thing!

  10. Love that the girls lead the way to the barn instead of just following! Too cute!

  11. Ha! I'm like Junebug, I am moving in too! I am so excited to meet your two new babies-they don't know yet how lucky they are yet moving to a beautiful farm with family that will love them always and unconditionally! Have a wonderful weekend, Bev!

  12. Every time I see your photos, the phrase "It's a Wonderful Life" comes to mind. Your animals always look so happy. I love visiting your blog!


  13. Ahh, yes, spring's time!
    So much to look forward to...

  14. BTW- Your little piggies have grow very quickly - when will their "tails" be part of your title photo blog?


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