Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Perfect Day

If someone asked me...
I would have to say that I am a very happy person.
Every day is a good day.
That is, of course, unless it is a GREAT day!

Yesterday was one such day.

I was twenty feet tall...on top of the world.
And judging from this picture, I believe it was true.

Yesterday, January 31st, it reached 62 degrees...
truly a gift this time of year...
when normally temps dip below freezing.

It was the perfect day for an adventure.
And that is just what we had...
Moonbeam and I.

I loaded him into Becky's trailer with Sid.

Moonbeam is such a good boy...
so very willing...
never refusing anything that I ask of him.

We headed out to a friend's arena for a lesson,
while Becky had a saddle fitting session.

Our lesson went well.
Moonbeam handled the unfamiliar environment with ease.
We had made improvements in the past two weeks.
See how we both are smiling?

We took a break from lessons to watch Sid and Becky work...
trying out various saddles.

It may seem like a small thing,
but overcoming my fear of riding
(which developed in response to a few injuries)
has done more for my self esteem than I could have imagined.
Having the courage to practice between lessons
(courage needed because I have to do this all alone)
has strengthened the bond between Moonbeam and me.
We have developed the trust that is oh, so important between horse and rider.

A beautiful day...
A successful lesson...
Small accomplishments...

Such simple things...
but enough to make one feel on top of the world...

PS:  Happy February1st!!
(Spring is just around the corner!)


  1. Congratulations on such a victory! You earned your gorgeous day and feeling 20 ft tall!

  2. Good job!!
    Moonbeam is such a handsome fellow!

  3. Good job!!
    Moonbeam is such a handsome fellow!

  4. You certainly had an awesome day. You and Moonbeam do look very happy. The shadow picture came out looking like you were really 20 feet tall. I love days like these when everything around us or that we touch falls into a wonderful place.

  5. Great pictures! Horses are just beautiful animals have a great day!!!

  6. Oh I can see both of the smiles for a job well done. 62 degrees??? Wow, what a day! I'm starting to get Spring fever but I know it is a long ways off. I'm enjoying these little teasers in the weather here. Here's to another great day!

  7. What a wonderful picture of you and Moonbeam..glad you all enjoyed the beautiful day...

  8. What a blessing! You are missing somethings, being in that fun weather, you need to stop by my blog.

  9. Hooray for you and Moonbeam. I always feel better after riding my horse.

  10. You and Moonbeam look like you were made for one another! Beautiful! I would love to learn how to ride someday...glad you are having some warm winter days to enjoy!

  11. That does sound like a perfect day. Moonbeam is very beautiful.

  12. Goodness I certainly have gotten behind in reading your posts! I'm so happy for you that you're enjoying your riding lessons and you're getting over your fear of riding. I know only too well how an injury can ruin things for a rider. I've yet to get back on Hope after my little incident but it will come once my tail bone is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more photo's of you and Moonbeam...smiling and riding :)

  13. I'm hoping I can post the same thing sometime this spring or summer. You are encouraging :-).


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