Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Very Pinteresting....Dreaming of Spring

Just a week of harsh cold and I am already dreaming of this....

and this...

and this...

Oh, how I miss my garden!
And oh, how many ideas I have for this coming Spring.
If I accomplish everything I have planned,
I will have to work from sun up to sun down.

But in the end, it will be magnificent.
At least it is in my dreams!

Our basement "greenhouse" is growing as we had hoped.
The first batch of lettuce seeds did not germinate (duds).
But new ones planted two days ago are already up.

The herbs and radishes continue to grow.

The mint plants (saved from our garden) are sending up new shoots.

Outside, our garden boxes stand barren and frozen...

patiently waiting the warmth of a Spring sun.

Every week new seed catalogs arrive.

It's time to get serious and plan next year's produce.
Perhaps some new items....

Tiny Mexican gherkin cucumbers!
Or Ruby Queen sweet corn...

Have you yet discovered the website "Pinterest"?

If you have not, do yourself a favor and head over there.
But set your alarm, or you just might stay for much longer than you planned.

Pinterest is like a yummy pictoral magazine,
with tons of ideas of all sorts just waiting to be discovered and re-pinned to your
very own bulletin board.

Here are just a few gardening ideas that I found there and plan to use
this coming Spring...

Gutter gardening....a perfect place to grow your lettuces!

I am planning on painting pots to match my blue and green garden shed,
and hanging them on the outer wall like this....

Cute, huh?

And then....
last summer I picked up this pile of old windows...for free!

I am planning to build cold frames with them
so that I can plant my garden a bit earlier this Spring,
and extend it later in the Fall.

As winter sends its icy chill down our necks,
I will stay warm by the fire dreaming of gardens yet planted.

My girls will stay warm beneath their heat lamp,
dreaming of gardens yet eaten!
(I just love how they always lay nose to nose...sweet sisters!)

Meanwhile, our "ladies in waiting" (pregnant does)
dream of shedding their winter coats and
frolicking with their newborn kids.

Here's to dreams of new green growth 
and yummy ripe produce straight front the garden,
and adorable baby goats to cuddle!


  1. Love your blog...and the piggies too! Never thought about "gutter gardening". That's very clever.

  2. I just don't have time for Pinterest... so many other things going on that I decided to stay away from it... perhaps one day. Oh, and so glad you have little seeds now popping their heads above the soil. :-))

  3. Oh it all looks soo nice ! I love the flower pots on the fence thats pretty a great idea. We have been having snow, cold, mild rainy weather a real mix ! Oh babies I cant wait to see photos ! Have a good day !

  4. You are such a busy lady! We have talked again about some planters for a garden this year. But now we've had ZERO rain and it's pretty worrisome. We have a few new fruit trees from last year and are going to plant a few more bare roots.

    I love the painted garden pots on the wall. I haven't tried Pinterest either. I'm not sure how I'd use it.

  5. I just went to Pinterest for the first time yesterday, and it does look very promising for me to lose hours there also. We're also waiting for gardens and kids and all kinds of warm summer fun. Hope you stay warm.

  6. The wind is blowing crazy outside my window, with a snow storm soon to follow and I am reading about spring growth... I love that I can do that. Thanks for sharing your spring dreams.

  7. I've also stayed away from Pinterest for an alarm won't stir me from something I get glued too! I've already spent time looking at gardening catalogs and magazine that I don't get other things done. Oh, how I can get distracted! Love piggies cuddled up! Warm hugs your way!

  8. I too am dreaming of my garden but your raised beds looks wonderful. I might have to try the gutter gardening and I might have to jump over to pinterest.

  9. Found Pinterest months ago and love it. I've done several of the projects and made many of the recipes. I've been able to clean out my bookmarks and put them on my boards where there is a picture that reminds me of why I bookmarked it in the first place! My husband made some beautiful garden hods that we gave for gifts that I found on Pinterest. I kept one of course for rinse the carrots, potatoes and greens from the garden! Love Pinterest! :) And your blog! One of the first ones read during the week.

  10. I have done some Pinterest, but it has all been craft projects - haven't started with garden ideas. That could take up all my time. Your little sprouts looks wonderful! I can't wait to get into the gardens.

  11. What a dreamy post...So glad you have your "winter garden" to hold you over..clever
    new planting ideas..Pinterest looks great and very time consuming..will explore it in more detail later..Thanks for introducing it to me...

  12. I just joined Pinterest yesterday. Not sure how much I'll go on there, but it looks like fun. I'm under Springpeeperfrm

    I think.

  13. Here's to dreaming Bev! I'm doing the same thing except I haven't been to Pinterest YET. I'm SO looking forward to spring and being able work in the dirt again but this year we're building raised boxes to see if that helps with the weeds. I'm not sure how they'll do with our scorching hot temperatures though...we'll have to add lots of moisture holding compost etc to the soil. Have fun going through your catalogs AND Pinterest...I just sent in a request ;) Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)


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