Friday, January 13, 2012

A Piece of History

We are very fortunate to have a piece of history on our land.
The log cabin that sits at the entrance to our farm is the oldest structure in our area,
and perhaps in our county.

It is well over 200 years old...
Revolutionary War era.

As you can see by the logs on this wall,
 it was originally a small one room cabin built over a spring.
The lower right section was the original building.

At some point it was expanded to twice as wide;
and a second story was added.

I get so many questions about this cabin,
so I thought I would answer them here.

The cabin was inhabited until the mid 60's.
In it's later years some rudimentary electricity was added.
It does not have running water.
Instead, the water supply is in the basement....the springhouse.

The door to the springhouse is made of open slats to allow for air circulation.

This prevents rotting of the floor boards above from too much humidity.
The floors are original.

The cabin has shifted some over the years,
and continues to do so even today.
It's foundation has weakened a bit due to heavy rains.

Every few years we have a company called Humble Restorations
look at the structure and make the necessary repairs
in order to keep it standing.

A tiny, narrow staircase leads up to the second floor.

Upstairs, the walls have layer upon layer of peeling paint and paper.

Beneath the top layers of wall paper (which are quite old)
are very old newspapers (used as insulation).

The windows are rippled glass.

The door is wonderful chippy paint.

The doorways are quite small
and the ceilings are low.

We use the structure only for storage.
I fear it is not sound enough for human habitation.

But it is quaint and lovely in an aging sort of way.

We will maintain it in order to keep it standing for as long as possible...
a tiny living piece of our country's history.
And home to these two...
(as well as a few squirrels and raccoons, too)

I couldn't leave you today without at least one picture of some animals....

Have a wonderful weekend!

We may be getting a bit of snow here.
Needless to say, our warm temperatures have been replaced by a wintry chill!

PS....I just had postcards (with envelopes) printed of the pigs...really cute pics.
Do you think there is a market to sell these??
Let me know what you think.
(I am thinking that these pigs need to earn a living...
since their only other purpose in life is being cute!)
(They will NEVER be bacon!)


  1. Thanks for the building tour. I am so glad to see that you are protecting this wonderful piece of history.

    Love those little piglet postcards! They are so cute!

  2. I love this post. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful piece of history on your property. And it is great that you are conserving it. If only those walls could speak! The photo of its "inhabitants" gave me a good chuckle. As a teacher, I think your property would be a fascinating place to bring a class of students. You have farm animals, wildlife and history! Maybe you could train those photogenic piggies to do some tricks!
    By the way, I would definitely buy some of your postcards. I have researched kunekune pigs, and they are not available here in Australia. Which is sad, as I have always wanted a pet piggie.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  3. I love this sort of history. I love your cabin! !!! Have a great day

  4. The old building is beautiful . I love the fact that it still is standing looking good and has walls full of history ! Awesome photos. Like Donkey and Shrek in the window lol ! Love the post cards and yes cute sells ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. Thanks for the refresher on the cabin history..I'm sure there is a market out there somewhere for those cute "piggy cards".

  6. Love, love the postcards! Yes, there is a market for them and also some of your other farm animals pictures. You could do a whole line of greeting cards!. I enjoyed the tour of history. We even have snow predicted for Sun/Mon. I wonder if we will get some. Figures cross, I know most around here don't want it to snow. Hugs and stay warm!!

  7. How wonderful to have this piece of history on your property. And it is good that you are making sure it will last as long as possible.

  8. Thank you for the tour of the cabin. I guess it was built to last.

    The piggie photos are very cute. Selling them? I don't have a clue although I know so many people are trying to sell their photos and you could find an online site to link to.

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Oh, if only the walls could talk! I would love to hear more of the history of the people that lived there (before Shrek and Donkey-Ha!)

    I adore pigs-especially yours and would definitely buy some cards!


  10. The log cabin is amazing. I admire it over on your sidebar whenever I stop by.

    I love the piggies too!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. What a wonderful building - such beautiful primitive wood inside! Thanks so much for sharing pictures of it. I'd buy the pig cards - they are cute as can be!

  12. My son loves PIGS! And I would totally buy your pig cards! We check your blog daily for more pig pictures and movies. Actually, your girls may be the cutest pigs we've ever seen.

  13. My son loves pigs! And I would totally buy your pig cards. We check your blog daily for more pig pictures, info and videos. Your girls may actually be the cutest pigs we've ever seen!

  14. Bev....even though I have had the joy of being at the farm and seeing things you post "up front and personal" it always makes me smile and see things in a different way when I read your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing your days with us.

  15. Those are adorable! Of course they would sell. Marcy

    PS: I still have not found that mercury glass ornament I wanted to send you. Sorry!

  16. Thanks for sharing the history of the cabin- it is very cool!!
    As for the cards- oh yeah! I would definitely buy some for friends and meself!!

  17. What a great treasure! It's so nice that you are keeping this building in as good a shape as you can.

  18. Kudos to you for keeping this structure standing. What a fantastic piece of history.

  19. Oh Whew! I noticed in pics #2 & 3 some "dwellers',,but thought my mind was playing tricks on me... You crack me up! LUV it all as well as Maryjane & Ginger!

  20. The piggy postcards are sweet. I want piggys to. My thoughts were they would not provide a useable product like the eggs the chickens give me but your idea to market the postcards to earn there keep is a fun idea. I think they are on their way to being as famous as Charlotte the pig. I am in love with your cabin. Thanks for the tour.Was wondering if you ever experienced frostbite to your chickens wattles & comb? My last two posts are of this subject. Blessings!

  21. I absolutely LOVE this! I wonder if this structure with it's circa Rev.
    War history, doesn't qualify for some federal funds to help with restoration and upkeep costs. So glad you appreciate it's history and thanks for sharing it here!

  22. Thanks for the tour of your little piece of history. I love old buildings! I think your cards would sell...I would buy some. Try selling them on Good luck!

  23. Piggie cards are great! The cabin is wonderful-thanks for sharing these pics-oh the stories these walls and windows could tell-and the simple adventures to be seen going by on the road/dirt pathway! Stay warm Beverly!!

  24. SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!How did you make those postcards? I could make goat ones and sell them at my farmer's market.

  25. Yes, the postcards are adorable and should do well.

  26. I envy you this wonderful cabin! It is marvelous in every way, I specifically love the blue stairway. I think it probably is habitable. People live in these old cabins all over the country. With a lot of work, it could become a guest house or a studio. It is perfect!

  27. What an honor and privilege it must be to be responsible for taking care of a piece of American history. I love this log house and I noticed how worn down the old wooden stair treads are. Lots of feet have gone up and down those stairs in the last 200 years!

  28. Forgot to mention about the piggy cards ...I think they're adorable and I think you should sell them!

  29. Love that cabin Bev, it is fabulous! I am so glad you all work to keep it standing. As for the pigs, I would so buy those postcards!! :)
    Hugs, Amy


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