Monday, January 30, 2012

Leo, the Dandy Lion and Other Weekend Sights

The sun came back out this weekend.
Temperatures have remained above average all winter.
It's been a weird one, I think you will all agree!

We were all happy to spend some time out of doors.
Even though there is nothing growing in our front pasture,
the horses were happy to get out and wander about....
finding the piles of hay we had placed out there for them.

The pigs strolled up to their grazing yard...
Ginger with the turkeys...

 while MaryAnn took a circuitous route through the woods with Sam.

The obligatory search for eggs....

Even the chickens could not wait to get out to free range...
something they prefer to skip when snow is on the ground.

Stand back...
it's a chicken stampede!

I snapped this picture while cleaning the dry lot.
Leo loves Sam and follows him around the barnyard.

Speaking of Leo...don't you love how furry he has become?
This picture reminds me of a first grader
who has lost his bottom baby teeth....

Most of our snow has finally melted,
leaving the ground very soggy and muddy.

The driveway to the farmhouse is always the last to thaw,
as it is on the north side of the farm, and shaded most of the time.

After finishing chores, farm breakfast, and packaging this week's market eggs,
we took our usual Sunday hike with the dogs.
Walking through our hay field, I spied this bit of color on the ground...

Never before have I seen a dandelion blooming here in January!

I think it is a very early harbinger of Spring...
the promise of what is to come...

And then I remembered that with Spring comes weeds...
and weeding.
So, for now I will enjoy the rest that winter gives us!
Spring will come in its own sweet time.

On our return trip from the barn to the farmhouse...

I lost my seat.

Apparently Sam was tired from his walk.
Silly Sam!


  1. If I was one of your animals I would think I must have died and gone to Heaven! I wonder why Leo has latched onto Sam in particular? He must be very gentle.
    I like the way the piggies split up and do their own thing.
    I enjoyed reading about the turkeys the other day. I had been wondering where they went to at night, so thankyou for enlightening me!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. I LOVE Sam!

  3. What a wonderful weekend you had. I can't tell you how much I enjoy the photos of all your animals. Sam hitching a ride is hilarious. Smart dog!

  4. Oh I love your animals! We have two labs and dogs are such a joy!! Hope you have a great monday

  5. I'd jump in the passenger seat if I were him too! Maybe his toes were just cold.

  6. What a wonderful way to spend Sundays! We have noticed that the daffodils are coming up already. Silly weather, I tell ya!

  7. A wonderful weekend just love your photos of the animals , silly Sam heck he has the right idea lol ! We got hit by a snow storm yesterday but today the sun is shining the temp is barable and all is good ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. With my coffee in hand I so enjoyed my stroll around the farm this morning. It is always a great start to the day. And a picture of Sadie topped it off! My love!

  9. Such a cute the picture of all the chickens getting out for a walkabout. What a change in the weather for you!

    It started raining yesterday and my creek bed is flowing big time. It must be warmer too.

  10. Looks like it was a nice quiet Sunday on your farm. Love Leo's nearly toothless smile :) I think my favorite photo is your curving road through the tree's. I love your Sam...he's such a kind soul.

  11. You're going to have to get a 4 or even six seater..All the bulbs are coming up around here..Weird winter..Might hit 60 on Wed if the sun comes out..

  12. It does look like everyone was enjoying the freedom of the weekend and beautiful weather.


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