Thursday, January 5, 2012

Indoor Gardening

With the arrival of the new year,
we have been plunged into frigid winter weather...
at least for the time being.

Dressing to go out to do farm chores reminds me of how my Mom used to bundle me up to play in the snow when I was a very little girl.
I have to admit...
 I like this time of year.
I love the cold weather.
Bundled up, I can work outdoors all day and not mind the cold...
much easier than working outdoors in the blazing heat of the summer...
at least for me!

Still, all in all, there just are not as many outdoor chores to do this time of year.
So I have turned my attention indoors...
catching up on reading and sewing (a new quilt is in the works).

Paging through seed catalogs and planning this coming summer's garden boxes
will keep me occupied the rest of the time.

Rather than waiting until Spring's arrival to once again begin gardening,
we decided to do a little indoor gardening this winter.

Hubbs, Amanda and I fashioned a little greenhouse in our basement.
Utility shelves surrounded by plastic sheeting,
grow lights and heat mats will provide the necessary warmth and humidity
for seeds to sprout.

We have planted lettuces for fresh winter salads

and several herbs, as well as rescuing some of our spearmint from freezing

As an experiment, we have planted radishes in deeper pots.

I'll keep you informed of our progress.
For now, though, it sure felt good to have our fingers in soil once again.

It's been too cold for the pigs to go outside the past couple of days.
This is how they spend their time on these frigid days....

They dig themselves into a pile of hay beneath their heat lamp and sleep
with just their little piggy butts showing.
Once the temperatures are back in the mid 30's they will go out to play again.

And by the way...the pigs have now tripled in size....
I can no longer lift them.
Little Porkers!
Ginger, Jan 2012


  1. I'm with you...I enjoy being outside when it's cold much more than in the heat!
    My favorite outfits include jeans, boots, & a warm sweatshirt or sweater!
    The girls have the right idea...burrow down & keep warm!!


  2. It HAS been cold... I think we could use a pile of hay in our bedroom for my piggy butt!

    Nice garden in the basement by the way!

  3. I will be starting my indoor garden soon too. I can't wait to start my perennial flower and then annuals and veggies. Keeps me occupied til spring!

  4. Love the pictures! That evergreen one would make a lovely note card! I should think about starting my indoor garden, I designated part of the coop for that. It is usually around 40 in there so my stuff may not grow fast but I think I will give it a try.

    BTW it was over 50 here yesterday`````nanernaner!

    Love that shot of the piglets!

  5. I agree with you as far as winter temps...It can be as cold as it wants as long as there is NO wind!!
    Good luck with your "winter garden".Great idea.

  6. Love your little indoor garden ! I am the same dont mind the winter if I am bundled up , I like to do winter photography everything looks soo pretty with snow ! WOW ! piggy's have grown they are still really cute ! have a wonderful day !

  7. That is a great garden in the basement. I have to say that pig picture made me smile.

  8. That Ginger ~ what a ham! Sorry, had to say it. She is a cutie. I didn't think they would get that big so fast. I agree, its very chilly. I drove out the other morning about 6 a.m. and it was 13 degrees here. Can't wait to see how your things grow under the lamps and mats. You could be having a salad soon.

  9. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the indoor gardens! We've been working outside lots too but then our temperatures have been in the 60's the last couple of days. Looks as though we could get snow next week though so we may as well enjoy it while we can. Your piggies are so lucky...straw and heat lamps sound like a good way to spend a cold winter day :) Hope your day was a good one.
    Maura :)


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