Monday, January 9, 2012

I Love Sundays

Around the farm, Sundays are all about family.
It is the one day each week that we try to slow down
and just enjoy the serenity that country life offers us.

A peaceful start to the day, doing morning chores at sunrise....

This is one time of day that I hate to miss.
Sunrise at the barn offers spectacular shows
and yesterday's was the best we'd had in a while.

Even the horses enjoy their peaceful early morning repast.

Although the chickens are up and ready for the day's activities,
there are always a few who like to sleep in...

and a few who rest (gossiping) in the tree next to their coop...

After chores, upon return to the farmhouse we nourish ourselves
with our traditional "Farm Breakfast"...
a Sunday morning tradition
(feel free to join us any Sunday morning that you happen to be in the area!)
Southwestern omelets and whole grain Belgian waffles with fresh pear slices
and homemade triple berry compote were on yesterday's menu.

Cleaning eggs and packaging for the week's deliveries
was the last required task.
We were surprised to find this sunflower design on this egg...
Curious, huh?

A family hike with the dogs filled a large part of the afternoon.
With cameras in hand, Hubbs, Amanda,  Andy and I
 headed through our hay field, where Becky's horses were out grazing...

to the hundred acre woods in search of interesting subjects.
eyes on logs...

hollow logs habitats...

moss sending seeds skyward....

And on the way home...
stopping to bring the pigs back to the barn.
Here is Maddie our Newfie with her piggies.

And this picture was taken months ago...
look how those piggies have grown!

The afternoon ended with an ultrasound exam for O'Malley.

Happily, we found she has twins (at least!)

The moon rising over the arena...
the perfect ending to a perfect day.

I love Sundays!
Nothing is more fulfilling to us than enjoying the beauty of the land
and the personalities of the animals who share it with us.
I hope you had a beautiful Sunday as well!
PS...we have been treated to way-above-average temperatures these last few days...
it's a weird winter here!


  1. You were so lucky to start your day with such a gorgeous sunrise! Our day started very wet and gray... Sundays on the farm sound wonderful, and the breakfast - delicious!!

  2. Bev-
    Your last photo is beautiful. I really enjoy it!
    Lisa in Maine
    we are so far having a snow free winter here-and I love it! :)

  3. That sunrise was beautiful! And so was the full moon last night. I'm not usually an early riser, but I had to go to my son's house this morning and give his car a jump, so I saw the moon setting. Lovely!

  4. A perfect Sunday ! We had Blueberry Pancakes for brunch Yummy and then Papa, miggy and I spent our day in Papas wood work shop whilst he refurbish and rebuild a Harvest table , Miggy and I went out evey now and then to play that was our Sunday ! Love your photos ! Cograts to O'Malley .

  5. Same weird winter here too... no snow yet, but temps are dropping this week. Love your photos.. we have the same kind of Sundays... although your farmers breakfast sounds SOOO good, alittle better than what I sometimes throw together.

  6. What a beautiful morning. Yummy sounding breakfast, yes, I'll be there if I'm ever close to your neck of the woods. Sounds like a great walk was had by all! Love those kind of days. Hugs!!

  7. Very nice photos today. The last one is beautiful and I also like the one of seeds sprouting from the moss. I would love to have a woods to walk through.

    I am getting so concerned about our lack of rain.

  8. What a wonderful sunrise! A perfect day on the farm...that breakfast sounds so yummy!

  9. Twins! How fun for you and the family. Can't wait to see them when they arrive.

  10. What a perfect day..I hope the Steelers loss didn't ruin it..Very strange egg..I wonder what causes that??? Congrats to O'Malley..can't wait for new goaties.

  11. I could think of nothing nicer than calling in for breakfast on a Sunday morning, but I don't think I would make it back to Australia for work on Monday.

  12. These pictures are all spectacular! That sunrise would certainly be a good reason for me to go out to the barn early. So glad to hear you're expecting twins this spring.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday Bev. The weather is crazy all over it seems...warm weather and no snow even up in Canada. We have a 20% chance of snow tomorrow though...we'll see since most predictions of precipitation have proven false in our part of Kansas. Enjoy your beautiful weather.
    Maura :)


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