Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day's End

Before I begin...
I must first say thanks for all of the suggestions you left for me yesterday.
I think the next thing that I will try to keep the birds out of our chicken yard is...
lots of pinwheels!
Where does one buy lots of pinwheels?

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

Back to the subject of the day...
I often post about sunrise and how it is my favorite time of day.
Nothing is better than watching my animals peacefully munching
away on their breakfast as they greet the new day...
with a beautiful fiery new sun on the horizon.

There is another time of day that makes me pause,
taking time to appreciate
all that my senses can take in....

As many times as I see an orangey-pink sunrise,
there are even more scarlet, purple, and crimson sunsets to be seen.
Even non-climactic sunsets like last evening's are still lovely;
as shadows, stillness and silence overtake the land.

The chickens return to their yard and eventually wander back into their coop to roost.

The turkeys follow soon after.

And lastly the guineas fly to their treetop roost in the old pine tree by the barn.

The goats eat the last of their supper and finish their evening's gossip.

The horses meander back to the barn where flakes of hay await them.

After sleeping all day beneath their heat lamps, the barn kitties emerge;
ready for their evening hunt.

All activities of the day come to a close, and everyone else retreats to the
warmth and safety of shelter.

The minutes and hours of life tick by so very quickly,
so I make it a point to take note of things like sunrises and sunsets.
I take a moment,
breathe deeply,
and fill my soul with the deepest gratitude for the day...
another day of doing what I love to do...
another day of experiencing the beauty of this world around me...
another day of hard work, love and laughter.

And if I am lucky,
another sunrise will greet me in the morning!


  1. Wonderful post and photos ! You said Exactly how I feel about my days here at Our Country Cove with all the nature, My girls Miggy and Harley, sunrises and sunsets and the sound of Papa working in his work shop ! Have a great day !

  2. I believe you can find pinwheels at dollar stores, toy stores, and/or online at the chinese trading company.

  3. I believe you can find pinwheels at dollar stores, toy stores, and/or online at the chinese trading company.

  4. You are a poet. Brought tears to my eyes while listening to your end of the day comments. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful words. I don't have as many as you, but having the animals safely tucked in for the night is very comforting.

  6. May you enjoy many more beautiful sunrises and sunsets with your wonderful farm friends!

  7. You can make pinwheels. :) I've seen them on Pinterest, or just Google how to make them.

    Beautiful photos!

  8. Lovely post as all animals and humans retire for yet another beautiful day. One question, where do the turkeys stay at night? Here's to another beautiful day, Hugs!!

  9. What a comforting post! How wonderful to be so close to nature and the outdoors.

  10. You'll be lucky!!! but you may not see the sun tomorrow..I, too. love the sunrise and sunset...

  11. Your farm is the closest I have seen to a real life "the Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise daughters favorite book.
    The animals go out and play all day in the grass and in the hay and then come back at night to sleep in their warm beds.
    Magical, really. Your farm is magical!


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