Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Rains

The first day of Winter is tomorrow.
Christmas is in 4 days...
and we are in the midst of the dreariest weather!
Rainy, cloudy, gray....bleak....
not at all what we hope for during the Christmas Season!

I have to admit, though, this weather has given me the opportunity to bake and sew and
finish wrapping.

For the animals...
the rain slows life down considerably.

Most of them seem content to stay inside, munch hay,
and look out at the grayness.

Even the Nigerians stay in their houses at suppertime.
It's always amazing to see two of these plump goats in one house.

We used to provide room service for the goats,
however having to crawl to the back of each of their houses
 to retrieve their bowl the next morning
was enough to convince us to discontinue this service.

The piggies stay in the barn when it rains....
spending the day eating and napping in a soft bed of hay beneath their heat lamp.

Even our new barn kitty, Sophia has been outfitted with a soft bed
and her own head lamp.

Spoiled animals????

To our friends in the midwest....we are hoping you are surviving the snowstorm...
and are warm and safe indoors!


  1. Looking at your animals all cozy makes me want to crawl back into bed!

  2. Same dreary weather here... no heatlamps set up though :-)

  3. Good morning over there. Dreary and dark here too. Looks like no snow for our holidays. I will miss the look but not the driving!

  4. Dreary for sure..but Christmas weekend promises to be dry....Yay!!

  5. Raining here today.... I'm with the piggies, just give me a heat lamp and let me snooze for the day.

  6. Yep, dreary and gray here also. It looks like the Mid West is getting the real icky weather. No snow predicted for us on Christmas. I think I need a new bed and a heat lamp, Sophia want to share? Enjoy being inside, stay warm and dry. Have a cup of tea and pet Sadie for me!

  7. And who does not spoil their animals!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  8. Hello Bev!
    The snow storm missed us..we only received a skiff of snow and that's nearly all gone now. I feel for those who got hit full will probably be a White Christmas for them. Oh goodness...your animals have got it made at your place...if I was a fur baby I'd want to live there too!! Hope the rains quit for you and you have a very Merry Christmas my blogging friend.
    Maura :)

  9. Your goats are adorable!


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