Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Is This Goat Smiling?

Why is Smoochie smiling?

Because he's famous!!

He and Sally and Nettie B. are featured in a new book entitled
by Brent Zimmerman

Their pictures (from when they were younger)
are featured on the page about Fainting (or Myotonic) Goats.

How about that!!
Cool, huh?

Also in today's news....

We have dunes on the farm.
Sand dunes.

Yesterday, 6 huge dump trucks arrived full of sand.
Today the excavator will start to move the sand into the arena.
It will be mixed with sawdust.

And lastly, the pigs returned to the barn again yesterday without lead ropes or harnesses.
Such good pigs!!

Fifi has taken up residence on the workbench.
Each night I have to pick her up and carry her to the henhouse.
You'd think she would find a softer place to lay her eggs!

The addition of a blue towel has at least kept her eggs from cracking as she lays them.

It's funny, you know.....
I often worry that I will run out of things to share with you
(interesting things, that is)...
but it always seems that by the end of any given day,
something noteworthy arrises.
I guess that's "life on the farm"....
never dull.


  1. Yup life on a farm is never boring , it was the same for us on our hobby farm when I was growing up ! You have some stars there in the mag how cool is that ! Silly hen I guess she just likes it there ! bet ya cant wait till the arene is completed cant wait to see photos of it after its all done and you are able to use it ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Also showed Papa your video from yesterday he loved it !

  3. You are soooo funny...how could you not have a story by the end of the day...living where you are!

    I love them all, even if it's not that 'exciting' to you!

  4. I always knew that Smoochie had a certain star quality (with a name like "Smoochie", how could he not?)! Congratulations to Smoochie and the others! I guess I'll have to get a copy of this book. Hope you and all the critters have a great Christmas!

  5. Of course all of your animals are famous! At least here in blogland they are. You won't run out of stories to tell us with all of your cute and crazy animals. Have a lovely day!

  6. Your arena will be fabulous. What do you use besides sand? Out here people put down decomposed granite for a base and thick sand on top. Is the sawdust for the track? I haven't heard of that being used, at least not out here.

    Hens are so funny. They get the notion to lay their eggs someplace new and you can't move 'em off their spot. Mine used to lay in a hay bag in the horse trailer until I moved it and it wasn't as convenient. They'd be lined up waiting their turn or hopping up on top of another hen.

    Farm stories....there's always another one.

  7. Smoochie is one awesome goat!-but I guess that they all are! Just keep your posts coming. We enjoy each and every one. Meghan

  8. Denise....

    We got our recipe for the arena from Penn State's School of Ag. They have a great article on their website about arena footing. We have a 4 inch base of crushed limestone (stone dust or cracker dust it is called) as a base. This base is packed solid. On top of that will be 2 - 2 1/2 inches of sand and sawdust (hardwood...a combination of dust, shavings and some larger pieces. This keeps the sand from packing too hard and the sand eventually pulverizes the shavings. We did the same footing in our outdoor arena and it has held up amazingly well over the years with no need yet to add to it. Indoors it will not be subject to the same forces, so it should be good. Sand is so much softer to land on when you fly off a horse!!

  9. Well, you know..Fifi's can be stuborn..she must be happy there....out of the main stream hustle and bustle...Smoochie looks so proud !!!

  10. Congrats on the book pics! That's exciting.

    Love Ginger and MaryAnn. So funny how they will follow you. My pet goats, Lewis and Clark, are like that.

    Merry Christmas!

  11. I love to read about your life on the farm and no it is never boring... LJ

  12. Whoops have a very Merry Christmas. LJ

  13. I don't think you ever need to worry about not having enough to share. I do think Fifi looks quite comfy on the workbench. Congrats to the famous goats!

  14. HahA! Fifi is certainly no dumb cluck! lol! She probablly likes having a 'room' to herself...
    As for the sand,,, have the kitties spotted it yet? lol!

    ANd yes, way softer to land on when your horse goes one way and you go the other way! lol!


  15. For someone who doesn't live on a farm, your ordinary day is extraordinary to me. I so enjoy all of your tales/tails!!!!

  16. Congratulations to Smoochie and the girls! There's never a dull moment on your farm Bev and that's what keeps us coming back for more. Those piles of sand got me excited...I can't wait to see pictures of you and your SIL riding in the arena! That's pretty good about the piggies going back to their home without leashes..they're smart little girls. Hopefully Fifi will give up on the work bench eventually...good luck with that! Enjoy your last few days before the big day...
    Maura :)


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