Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In A Fog

We spent yesterday in a fog.
(And you thought I might be referring to our state of mind!)

From the time of sunrise right through to sunset,
the day stayed murky and gray,
rainy, drizzly, 
unseasonably warm...55 degrees.

Everyone took shelter for the day.

Except of course the chickens and turkeys....
they are like the Post Office (used to be)...
not wind nor rain nor....(I forget the rest)
will keep the birds from enjoying a day out of doors.

It seems as if my youngest hens (hatched July 9th) have started to lay.
I have been finding a handful of tiny eggs like the one on the right each day.
We are up to about 3 dozen eggs per day from our gals.
(Keeping a light on in the henhouse until 9 PM seems to help increase winter production.)

On the subject of eggs,
I do believe that one of the barn kitties has begun to lay.
I found this under Ella Bella yesterday afternoon....

Hmmmmmm...quite a curiosity!

Today is my day off of farm work (thanks to our friend Jim)
so I am taking a little time to go visit Tyler and his Mommy.
I haven't seen the little man since Thanksgiving...

Hope your day is as good as I know mine will be!!!


  1. Enjoy your day with Tyler. It is my day off as well. Heading out to visit a friend and do some shopping.
    Yesterday our little Pepsi(mini) had a fever and the vet was called. Little guy had a virus. Meds worked wonders and hopefully today he is feeling much better.
    Worse than kids..they can not tell us how they really feel. Oh the worry!!
    Enjoy the is starting to cool off here..snow tomorr!!!

  2. I envy you getting eggs in the winter. I hate buying eggs, but I'm not sure I could get my husband to run electricity out to the coop. Oh well, Dec. 21 is almost here and then the days will get longer, and then the eggs will come again!

  3. Have a wonderful day with that cutie Tyler ! Fresh eggs , the best ! Have a good day off !

  4. I know you will enjoy your day off! Have fun. Maybe the cats can be your incubators! Wonder if I could get Dash to hatch a few?

  5. what a fun day you have planned! Grand kids are always so much fun! Enjoy!

  6. I wonder what Ella Bellas "chicks" will look like?? Could she actually hatch an egg? I'm glad you had a visit with Tyler..I'm sure he enjoyed seeing you...he's a cutie , for sure..


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