Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thoughts On A Frosty Morning

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under Heaven.

I have always loved and held onto those words.
And now, living on the farm, there are none truer.

I have spoken before about the rhythm of life on a farm...
the ebb and flow of hours filled with busy activity,
 punctuated by the magical moments that pop up in each day.

The tone of those activities is set by the current season...
certain tasks being dependent upon time, temperature, hours of sunlight, etc.

We are in the midst of Autumn,
preparing for the arrival of Winter.

We awaken to a blanket of frost,
that slowly disappears as the sun rises in the sky...
its radiation felt in the form of warmth...
a warmth that will be lost to us in the upcoming months.

Autumn is a time of preparation.
We finish storing away Summer's bounty.
We tuck the gardens in under warm blankets of straw or mulch.
We cover our bees, providing a wind-break for their hives.
All of this and more are done to brace the farm for the months of cold and snow.

When the winter winds blow, and the snow flies
we are treated to the smell of freshly baking bread
as we nestle by the fire planning for Spring and the next year's gardens.

We take time to rest...
something that we are robbed of during the other three seasons.

One of the things that I love best about Pennsylvania is the continuous change of seasons,
and how the complexion of life changes with them.

Yes, to every thing there is a season.
You can't fight it.
Here on the farm, we just go with the flow
and enjoy the ride!

Although Spring and Autumn are my favorites,
I look forward to the changes brought by each of the seasons...
gifts to enjoy the whole year through!


  1. Pretty photos! I used to live in PA and always enjoyed the changing seasons, especially fall and spring.

  2. Beautiful post and pictures Bev! I especially like the part "to every thing there is a season, go with the flow and enjoy the ride." Definitely words to live by.

  3. Great shots and I love the turkey!

  4. I also love those words. Beautiful post. Oh, and thanks for throwing in a piggie photo:-)

  5. I enjoyed the peacefulness of your post his morning. It truly show us the changing of the season. Love the pictures of Maddie and piggy! Enjoying your ride every morning with you. Blessings!

  6. Well said !
    Wonderful photos.
    I love the changes of seasons here in Ontario Canada as well they are much the same as yours in Pennsylvania ! Have a wonderful day !

  7. What a lovely post with such pretty pictures. I have some catching up to do with my blog reading, can't wait to find out how the little piggies are doing!Blessings from Maine, Julie

  8. I love these pictures, especially the one of the barn and surrounding acreage.



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