Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet The Neighbors

We are quite lucky to have an auto mechanic about a mile from the farm.
Lately we have had to use his services more than we'd like.
A couple of our vehicles (and a tractor who's tires burned up while haying)
have needed new tires.
With construction on the farm, one of Amanda's tires fell prey to a rather large shard of metal.

So....yesterday afternoon I dropped off her car to have the new tire installed
and walked the mile back to the farm.

Soaking in all of the Indian Summer warmth that I could,
I took in the sights and smells of Autumn.

Brown soy beans waiting for harvest....

A little splash of of the last...

our neighbor's sow, "Spot"....

She was quite curious about my camera.

mother to this gang of 100 lb piglets....

This grand old barn...

which is home to a small herd of goats...

(several of whom will be sent to impoverished countries to help sustain villages).

 Once back to the farm, I stopped to feed the goats.
Smoochie welcomed me with a fine display of blubbering...
(If you were a goat, you would find him quite attractive!)

The construction crew was just finishing up the day's work...
another side almost finished.

I was mistaken yesterday when I told you we were taking delivery on 300 bales of hay.
This delivery was 100 bales of alfalfa.
The hay comes at a later date.

I also took advantage of this magnificent weather to trim horses hooves.

Ollie, Red, Donnie and Scarlet had their hooves trimmed,
their bridal paths clipped,
and a thorough brushing.
Then off to play in the pasture for the rest of the afternoon....

What a treat these days have been!!
And more just like it is predicted for the weekend.
I hope wherever you are you are also being treated to a taste of Indian Summer!
If not, I will be happy to share ours with you.


  1. Oh Beverly isnt Indian summer the absolute best! Love this post-adventure happens wherever you are-we just need to look around and smell the freshness of the world!!~~Rain

  2. Another perfect day! I'm always surprised when someone does their own farrier work. My little donks would be way too difficult for me to even attempt to learn. Look how furry your horses have gotten, all ready for Winter.

  3. Smoochie is indeed handsome..I would love this weather all year around with a week of winter thrown in...

  4. I guess I didn't realize how big that barn was going to be. Will hold a lot.

    I know, I've loved being in the backyard with the leaves falling in the sort of warm sunshine.

    I'm really not ready for months of cold.

    Love your photo of the horses.

  5. We've had some glorious weather too... and I am envious that you trim your own horses hooves. Maybe I oughta try it with the minis, although I am so afraid I'd mame them.

  6. Wonderful photos. Gota love those farm animals, I know I do I enjoy seeing your photos of them. The arena is coming along and looking great! Our weather has turned windy and cold I can feel and smell snow in the air. Thanks for sharing a wonderful day !

  7. i love how all the pigs look like they are smilling : ) Glad that your having nice weather still its been cold and raining here.

  8. Sounds like an enjoyable walk soaking up that gorgeous weather. So much to get done before the real cold weather comes. I can see why the girlie goats love Smoochie ~ something about his eyes.

  9. I've always loved Indian Summer...

  10. Hey Bev, your place is just beautiful. I love the farm next door-what a great barn. Spot is awesome--how about her piglets--WOW. Really put into perspective how small the kunes are. Hope you all have had a great week :)

    Amy from Verde Farm

  11. I believe our Indian Summer is done. We actually had snow earlier this week. I think you have some very cute neighbors.


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