Thursday, November 17, 2011

I had planned to show you photos of fog hanging over fields,
dry leaves blowing in windy rain showers,
goats, nestled dry and warm in their houses,
bedraggled, soggy horses who don't have enough sense to use the shelter they are given,
and chickens that looked like they just stepped out of the shower.

All of that and more I had planned.
both cameras had dead batteries.
At the same time.

I will never let that happen again.

So, instead of artsy scenery shots of perfectly dreadful, dreary weather,
I will show you what I did instead.

I sat in the stall with the pigs
and rubbed bellies.
(their favorite thing in all the world)

And while I did that,
Sammy did this.

Hopefully I have not offended you,
but Sammy likes clean piggies!

Sammy loves the pigs,
almost as much as Maddie does.
Maddie feels motherly towards them.
Sam, just likes the way they taste.
That Sam!

Meanwhile, Leo looks on...

He is never far from the pigs.

Our newest barn kitty, Sophia,
is scheduled for spaying tomorrow.

I feel sorry for her, having to go through that and not understanding why,
but we cannot afford to have a litter of kittens move into the barn.

Poor Sophia.... Sam will gladly look after you!

Today the plumber/electrician start working on the arena.
The exterior shell is almost complete.
With the recent rain, the construction crew has been putting in the interior walls
and hanging the doors.
Another week or two, and we will be riding high and dry!
I can't wait to show you the finished building.


  1. Hey! Nothing like a good belly rub! Good luck to Ms Sophia...she'll be glad when it's all over & will be thankful you saved her!

  2. I don't even have a RING yet at this old house.. lucky girl, you are.

    LOVE those pigs, just the cutest ever. I've never seen that breed before you posted it on your blog.

  3. Put a little salt on that pork for Sammy.. LOL

  4. I just love the piggy pictures, they are absolutely adorable. It's incredible to see how well your animals get along. Here, Savvy can barely stand to share any attention and affection with Harley...

  5. If only people could get along as wonderfully as your creatures!!

  6. The dogs around here like to help with hygiene too. Sofia will be much happier once the hormones are not bothering her. Cute happy pigs!

  7. Poor Sophia! But, trust me, I completely understand.

    I always enjoy visiting with all your animals!

  8. I rememeber our old dog Bessie she was A Hungarian Viszula a hunting dog she always cleaned our animlas and she would lay down beside them as well a real good Mama to them all . Loved your photos. I have had that happen with my camera batteries before now mine are chargable and I have four cause I have a duell battery pack or grip as they call it attached my camera and as I have two batteries in the camera I always have the other two on the charger . I dont want to be left with out cause thats when you find the perfect times for photos when your camera batteries are dead. Frustrating as heck lol. Have a wonderful day !

  9. Your animals create the perfect barnyard. I would be sitting right there petting pigs' bellies too. And it all starts with you, being calm and creating a safe environment. Happy Mama, Happy Animals:-)

  10. Oh Sam, is all I can say. It amazes me how all your animals interact. Look how big Leo is getting! My morning is complete, had my dose of Bee Haven and now off to work! Hugs!

  11. Good those piggie really had me laughing! They are indeed spoiled....NOW GO CHARGE THOSE BATTERIES!

  12. I think its just the sweetest that the dogs mother the piggies.


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