Wednesday, October 19, 2011

100% Chance of Rain

Today's forecast: 100 % chance of showers.
Like we need it!

Knowing that today was going to be a rainy day,
I spent yesterday squeezing every last bit of sunshine and blue skies into my psyche.
I worked in the garden.
I hung out laundry.
I cleaned pastures.
I took the dogs for a walk.

We are in the midst of our fall foliage time,
but the colors are not what they usually are.
They are lovely...
but not breathtaking.

I suppose it has something to do with all the rain we received in the past two months.
Many of our trees skipped the color change...
their leaves ending up brown, dry and crunchy.
Others lost their leaves altogether in a couple of wind storms.

It won't be long until the color is gone
and my world will be plunged into that monochromatic brown/grey scheme.

So, while I had the time,
I took in as much of the color as I could.
I walked through the woods...
dry leaves crunching beneath my feet.

Oakley, Sam, and Maddie ran ahead of me down the trail

with their nostrils to the ground,
following the scent of all sorts of wildlife.

A flock of grackles gathered in a patch of nearby hemlock trees,
their loud, repetitive "readle-eek" robbing the woods of its quietude.

I had hoped to catch a few of our white tailed deer herd with my camera.
Walking down the path I felt their eyes upon me
from their safe, thickety hideouts.

Sadly, the only wildlife I encountered were 6 of these lovelies,
circling above

and finally settling to rest in the top of a dead tree...

a rather Halloween-esque picture, don't you think?

A face only a mother could love!  

We eventually reached the camp and rested on the front porch for a while,

surveying the pile of wood that Hubbs had transported to the camp.

Amidst all of that hard, dark woody substance
was this delicate, ruffly fungus...

further evidence of the persistent precipitation.

While we were off galavanting in the woods,
our work crew was busy doing this.....

and by the time the afternoon was over,
they had placed almost all of the poles around the barn's perimeter.
With today's rain, however, construction comes to a grinding halt.


  1. I feel the same way about leaf color; pretty, but not amazing. Lots of crunch. Love a barn raising. Should be fun to watch going up; keep pics coming. The rain just left us overnight. Rain on a tin roof was good sleeping weather. Check out our new boy, Bev ~ a new warmblood in our barn. You will like him. Deb

  2. We have rain in GA today too!
    I'm sitting here, with a cup of coffee, listening to it patter on my tin roof.
    Love the sound!

  3. It's raining here today, as well. I'm going to enjoy me an excuse to do some baking in the kitchen and a little bit of sewing in the "girl cave."

    Our Fall foliage is different, too. Our big trees seemed to have fewer leaves in general this year...and with the wind and rain the last few days, they're almost all down. Our smaller trees are still green! I think this may have something to do with the terrible drought we went through in 2010. There just wasn't enough energy in the old-timers to produce big, strong leaves this year. Hopefully, next year they'll recover.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pictures!


  4. Hi Bev.
    It is good to see your arena going up! Will you be sharing more details on the arena as it progresses? I'd be curious to know how big it is, why you choose wood instead of fabric, etc. We are hoping to put one up for me to utilize during the Maine winters and as we are still in the early stages, I like to learn what others are doing and why! : )

  5. I am in awe of the arena you're building. Oh yes, and walking through the woods with the leaves crackling under your feet. But NOT of the approaching Winter because I am a fair weather girl.

  6. Wonderful post and photos.
    We have had such high winds and rain on and off that all our leaves are now on the ground and trees are bald. Today high winds chilly and rain BLAAHHH I like my sunshine. Turkey Vultuers have lots here and yup only a face a mother could love your right there lol . Have a wonderful day.

  7. I enjoyed our walk through the woods this morning. Our leaves are just starting to turn and so far so good with color. Rain is predicted today here in OR but right now it has a start of a beautiful sunrise. Keep the pictures coming of the barn. Enjoy your day indoors!

  8. Loved the walk in the woods, our trees are doing the same thing..not a lot of color this year. Bummer, I was looking forward to that.

    LOVE that mushroom...such a gorgeous rose!!!

  9. Looks like a lovely walk. Could have done without the vultures though, right? The barn looks wonderful. Enjoy those fall colors even if they aren't very bright. We rarely have them in Ok. We get a cold snap with high winds and they all blow away. This year because of the drought, most of them are gone already. I do love the cooler weather though!

  10. So far, so good with the rain..I don't know if we're going to miss it or it just hasn't gotten here yet..Guess we'll soon see..Looks like they're making great headway with the pole barn...hopefully, they're working today..Whatever it is..Enjoy!!

  11. Well I'm hoping that you are like us two/three hours west of you. No rain yet after the same forecast.

    Getting some work done outside after all!

  12. We had rain and wind too. No beautiful fall colors here either. You rain gets here tonight. you can dry out and they can get back to work soon. Beautiful pics.

  13. I am in love with your camp spot. Sweet.

  14. That's too bad about the trees not producing their full color this fall. Our trees are just starting to turn but we'll see how they do after a summer of drought. Lots of leaves have come off the tops of the elms in late summer...hopefully they will come back next spring..but I have my doubts. We'll see if we get a yellow display this year...hope so. We did plant 2 Autumn Blaze Maples so hopefully we get a bit of red for a change this fall. Can't wait for them to REALLY put on a show in a few years. Please send us some of that rain...I'd really be grateful!
    Maura :)


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