Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh Happy Day

We  have happy news of the animal husbandry type to share with you!

was successfully bred by Fred.....

Babies will be born in March.
Although we will know for sure after we do an ultrasound pregnancy check,
these boys are always successful in getting the "job" done!
Way to go, Fred!!

A perfect, blue-skied, 70 degree Autumn day was made even better
by a visit from Tyler, his Mommy, and his MeMaw (my Mom). 
Yes, we had four generations spending a sunny day on the farm yesterday.

Here is Tyler looking at the horses, 
with his MeMaw(great-grandmother)  in the background...

We visited with Leo....

Gathered fresh eggs....

Ate fresh tomatoes right from the garden....

Took a walk with the turkeys....

Gave the turkeys

the "stink-eye"....

Offered the goats some yummy Ritz crackers....

"Uh, sorry....
this one's for me!"

It was an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful day on the farm...
made even better sharing it with Tyler!

PS....more equipment has arrived, but still no work done....


  1. Reading posts like this makes me miss my family even more than I normally do. Tyler is lucky to be able to grow up so close to grandparents and family! He's such a cutie, even when he's giving the turkeys the stink-eye...

  2. Yay for Sissy (& Fred)! I can't wait to see pictures of the baby! (I guess I'll have to wait a while though *sigh*!)

    What a great way to spend the day! Thanks for letting us spend it with you! BTW, I love the 'stink eye' but don't tell Tyler!

  3. Fantastic photos. What a cuite Tyler is. Have a wonderful day !

  4. It can't get any better then a sunny day with a grandchild. Love the stink eye picture, those turkeys!! Hopefully soon the equipment will be moving and we will see pictures of results. Have a great day!

  5. "Stink eye"...too cute..I had a feeling he would get the cracker..Beautiful farm day !!!

  6. Our weather has been just too gorgeous for words this week and is going to continue a few more days. Oh to have it like this year round would just be divine!

  7. I LOVE the picture of him with the roosters! That's so precious.

    I miss there being kids in the family. (My mother only has the 2 grandkids, which moved away when they were little and now they're in High School). With little one's around it's such a magical time, and no doubt your place feels very magical to little Tyler. Even I can sense it through all your photos.


  8. Congrats on the impending kid(s)! It must have been quite a fun day for four generations to enjoy the day on the farm.


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