Friday, October 21, 2011

Do You Need a Dose?

When is the last time you stood and watched the sun rise or set?
Felt the leaves crunch beneath your feet as you walk through the woods?
Spent a half of an hour watching a butterfly float from flower to flower?
Climbed a tree?
Listened to the birds, identifying their songs?
When is the last time you felt the grass on your back as you found pictures in the clouds?

We have become a society that is tuned in, turned on...
on our smart phones, ipads, computers more hours than not.
Our senses are bombarded with music, television, emails, text messages...
all sorts of media stimulation,
and yes, overload.

Richard Louv in his 2005 book entitled "The Last Child in The Woods"
described a condition that many of us suffer from.

"Nature Deficit Disorder"

With our lives that have become so immersed in technology,
we suffer from attention deficit disorders and mood disorders...
most likely rooted in the fact that we never slow down,
we never relax,
we never use our imaginations,

we are seated in front of a screen
with artificial stimulation filling our senses.

Our children spend their precious free time engaged in organized activities,
television, and computers...
not in imaginative, creative outdoor play.

Somehow, to me, in our quest to make life easier,
through electronic conveniences,
we have done just the opposite.
Are we happy?
The television ads tell us we are depressed.

Our lives are complicated, stressful, less satisfying.
We are disengaged from our earth, except in concept!

how much time do we really spend actually touching our earth,
seeing it, smelling it, hearing it
without the bombardment of technology.

Richard Louv's premise is that our children will suffer for this.
I would have to agree.
I am sure that you, too, agree with me...
and I am sure that I am "preaching to the choir".

We need to get back to basics,
back to nature,
and back to ourselves...
human beings who are children of this earth.
We need a daily dose of....

I challenge you.
even if for only a day.
Or better yet, for a part of every day.
Go outside.
Go for a walk.
Turn off your brain.
Turn on your senses.
what is important...
in life...
to life....
 is life.

You can find life....outside.

So smile...
and have a great weekend!


  1. We left regular TV behind... the TV with commercials, and now we watch Netflix with no ads. Guess we will never know if we are depressed or not since we now have no ads to tell us. LOL

  2. Great post. We love the outdoors and our dirt. We also like our electronics, but I think we keep a good balance. I wonder if the younger generation knows the smell of rain on the dirt or how it feels to pull a carrot out of the ground. Nature is my church and where I get my spirituality. I never tire of it. And I think having animals also grounds us. It's not for everyone, but I would wish that everyone could experience it.

  3. What an inspiring post. Beautiful pictures and message. You have expressed my sentiments exactly. I have been telling my friends and family these same things for years. Mostly they think I am a little "out there". Our children and their children are paying the price for our quest for money. We must take time to feed our souls, not just our bank accounts.

  4. What an awesome post and so nicely said! I agree 100%. While technology has been a nice asset to our daily lives, it has also been a huge downfall. We must strive for balance in everything we do and as parents, we need to pass that balance on to our children!

    I, for one, make sure I have plenty of 'nature time'!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I couldn't agree more. I don't have a cell phone. Yes, you read that right. I don't want to be bothered when I'm away from home. I don't want to be constantly available. My husband and I share a trackfone that we use when we take trips but that's it. I try hard to keep technology from taking over our lives. Even though we're about 2 years away from making our dream of a farm a reality, I get my kids to spend as much time outside as possible. I wrote about it recently on my blog:
    I love your pictures and I imagine that there's not much a walk in those woods wouldn't cure. :)

  6. Words well is all so true. That's what I did this last Glampin' weekend. Many ran off to Spokane to thrift or shop, I just needed to hang out in nature at my trailer. I loved it so much I wanted to stay another day.

    Thanks for this reminder, I am going to try and add more of this to my daily schedule, now that Driving Ms. Daisy is going into storage.

  7. True enough and great photos and post. But for me this is why I moved back to the country and enjoy nature photography and have nature all around me , I am out every day weather permiting with my camera taking photos walking in the woods that surround us or even just enjoying all the nature in our yard feeding from the feeders we have out. I can sit for hours and do to watch a sunrise or set even the moon. I was raised in the counrty and my parents tought us just to sit listen watch learn and enjoy what nature has to offer and so that I have done all my life and I wouldnt have it any other way ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. I so love your post this morning. I know part of restlessness is the fact of overload. I am working really hard to stop the over commitment in my life. If I close my eyes I can see and feel the past walks in the woods. Thank you for the reminder to work harder at simplifying my life and take the time for walks in nature.

  9. That is why I love to camp in my lil vintage trailer... to combat NDD...
    I arise early and walk around & just 'breath'... I take in all the sights, smell and sounds that surrond me....,& I don't have to share those moments with anyone! just nature & myself greeting the sunrise...Then I am ready to face the day and all the activities it brings.

  10. Great post. Sounds like one of my rants...only much more eloquent. Reminds me of the time my hubbin and I were camping...and a herd of elk came into the campground. It was just past dusk. We were all watching them...marveling at these beautiful animals...grateful for the privilege of seeing them up close. All of a sudden, here comes a jogger...headphones on...completely oblivious. Of course, the elk scattered. And he kept running...had no idea what he had done. I sure hope he enjoyed his Bon Jovi.



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