Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awaiting Sun

After weeks and weeks of rain,
I am told we are to have sustained sun starting tomorrow and lasting for at least a week!
I won't know how to act.

It has been dreary, damp, cold for days now.
This weather motivated me to get our woodpile ready for winter.
I moved a bunch of wood from our woodpile

to the front deck (for easy access to the fireplace.)

I peeled back the tarp over the woodpile,
expecting to see spiders and maybe even snakes.

I was ready....
lots of spiders, but....
luckily, no snakes!

My trusty friends were close by,
ever vigilant,
ready to come to my aid should a snake jump out at me.
"Hey, why so far away, guys?"

This cooler weather is appreciated by the horses,
who have a rather big case of "Happy Feet" here at turn-out time.

What I missed when I took the above picture was a crazy bucking,
where both back feet kicked out in opposite directions,
followed by his expelling of an enormous amount of gas.
I swear, Moonbeam has no shame!

The other four equines followed suit and took off
running and bucking (minus the flatulence) across the pasture.
Sammy, of course, couldn't resist the chase.

Once things settled down in the front pasture,
the dogs and I headed to the garden to do a bit of weeding.
I removed spent tomato plants and sunflowers,
and set out to weed the strawberry patch
(it's become a jungle!).

Weed patrol....
("What weeds?")

("Work to do? I'm not even coming inside the fence!")

("Boy, am I tired...just let me take a short nap...then I'll help, I promise.")
(stop yawning, you lazy boy!)

and turkeys...
always ready to "help"!

You'd think with all that help, I'd have the job done in no time.
Sadly, though, I will be at this job for days.
Goodness, look at all those weeds!

Well, the long awaited day has arrived.
It is officially dating season,
and Smoochie is now living in this pen,
with the breeding does next door.

We are hoping that his testosterone-induced irresistibility
is enough to bring the does into estrus.

So far, they are completely unimpressed.
Of course the rain and drizzle doesn't help,
as they stay indoors to avoid the wet.

Breeding for spring babies are O'Malley, Salley, and Sissy.

Let's hope that they soon show a little interest.
When that happens, they will each be introduced to their
prospective "dates" followed by a period of courtship.
Maybe the upcoming good weather will help.
It will help me, for sure!


Karen said...

I'm guessing it's the smell that's keeping them away... or is that supposed to be attractive to them?...lol...

C and C Antiques and Animals - What a Life! said...

Such a busy group! I don't blame the girls for wanting to stay out of the rain.

Country Gal said...

Its funny I said to Papa here a day ago that this weather is what the horses love and when you are driving to work you will probably see the horses kicking up their heels and sure enough he did. My horse I had years ago would go nuts for this fall weather gallop around kicking up his heels and yes even passing gas lol I love your farm tails and photos brings me back to the days of our hobbie farm. Have a wonderful day !

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

This is a great set of photos! The wood pile reminds me of our life in Maryland... I never went near that pile.... Hubby's job, don'tcha know.

kpaints said...

I just can't imagine all that you do...why just posting about it...it's a lot to do! Love each of the stories...got a kick out of the horses and those funny easy going dogs!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you finally have some dry weather. October is always wet here in Maine. Rain yesterday, today and tomorrow. We are holding off breeding till late Nov. That way babies come in more tolerant weather. I bet Smoochie has been appling that special cologne all the ladies are fond of. I can smell Teddy all the way on the other side of the yard.LOL

missy max said...

Poor Moonbeam..no privacy..Had to laugh just picturing it...Yes, I heard the rumor of sunshine and warm temperatures as well..We'll see..Love the cool nights..

Tayet Silverspoon said...

I just bred one of my does today. I can't wait for March, that's when she's due. Kids are always so fun!


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