Tuesday, September 13, 2011

To Pig Or Not To Pig

Wanna know a secret?

[whispering].... I love pigs!


I LOVE pigs!

You only have to walk in my kitchen to figure this out, though.

I have loved pigs all my life.
(My mother is probably the only person on this earth who knows this about me.)
Ever since I was a little girl and my Papap took me to see a litter of
newborn piglets,
I have been hopelessly in porcine love!

All during my childhood I wanted a pig.
Of course, in those days I did not live on a farm
so having a pig was out of the question.
But there was a farm a few miles from us that had piglets yearly,
and my parents would drive me to see the pigs every year.

now I live on a farm.
So having a pig is no longer out of the question.

A few years ago, when planning our farm,
I did a little research on mini pigs and found some information about
an adorable little pig from New Zealand...
the Kunekune pig.

And through blogging I met Amy of Verde Farm.
Amy raises Kunekunes.

Last week she emailed me to tell me that they had piglets...

newly born.

then more pictures came...

So, tell me....
how can I resist a piglet?
maybe two?

The wonderful thing about the Kunekunes is the fact that they are not rooters,
but rather are grazers.
We have plenty of grazing land....so......!
Oh, and they only reach 90 to 100 pounds.

What do you think?
or not?


  1. Yes definitely get a couple. I follow Amy's blog and the pigs are adorable.

  2. Definitely pig!! They are just adorable. I had never heard of this breed, how could you resist those cute little piggies? Is hubby on board with the pig idea?

  3. Gooo ahead and just do it! That's been my motto. And since they graze, makes it even better! No damage. I am waiting to see your decision. 8^)

  4. LOL..you know our getting either one or two..!!!! lol
    They are a riot. Our neighbor had one that was just priceless..and SMART!! She only like certain people and did not mind telling us. If she liked you she would follow you all over. I still miss Carla. She loved to be scrated with one of the horse brushes.
    You will really enjoy there company..have fun.
    P.S. My email on yahoo is down. Please use jbell136@hotmail.com
    Not sure if I will ever get my yahoo one working..grrrr!!!

  5. I couldn't raise a pig and then eat it. Just couldn't do it. :(

  6. Oh...pig...definitely pig. How could you not?


  7. The piggies are adorable and they're smarter than dogs. I do hope these will be pet pigs?

  8. No worries, we don't eat any of our animals!!! And yes, Hubbs is on board. He's always on board with my crazy ideas!

  9. I just read Amy's link about her pigs - love your blog because you have such a beautiful garden and don't eat your chickens!! Ohhhhh YES- do get a piggie or two!! Just think about the cute tail picture you'll be able to add to your blog profile!!!

  10. Oh I say Pig ! They are soo cute. I was raised on a hobbie farm and I so miss having the animals now we are aiming to have a hobbie farm in the future though !I want minitures of all kinds on our hobbie farm and few horses to ride ! Have a wonderful day !

  11. YES, YES and more YESES!!! It's the only thing left, your ark will be complete!

  12. I'm with the rest of your friends. I say yes, get some piggies.

  13. Amy had quit blogging and I was worried about her. Such wonderful news about her baby having babies. :)

    Yes, yes, piglets for you!

  14. How funny, I know your mind was made up on first pic! How could you resist them. I'll be sitting here waiting for your first pictures of the new arrivals. Have a great day!

  15. I know you love pigs!!!!
    All babies are cute....I hate to be your only negative post...but..Don't you have enough mouths to feed?? Enough chores to do??? They're not so cute when they're big enough to ride...They'll be taking the food out of the chickens mouths...This being said, Enjoy your pigs....

  16. Well, I would love to see the turkeys with the pigs, while the dogs are playing ball!

  17. Go for it. Get two. The piglets are adorable.

  18. Oh yes at least two piglets. I have always loved piggeys. For now I have 2 pig cutting boards. Good luck & Blessings!

  19. Oh Bev, I am so happy to see this post--you are awesome! The kunekune is the sweetest pig you can get-I would be so happy to know that one or two of my piglets were going to live with Bev the Bee Haven Maven and her wonderful hubs on their heavenly farm:)
    Hugs, Amy from Verde Farm

  20. Those are the sweetest photos of the piglets - you just have to get a couple now! I also love your pig collectibles around your lovely home.

  21. Oh I hope you GO FOR IT! What a small world it is...Amy is a real sweetheart and she had been waiting for those piglets for quite a while. I'm happy that everything went well and now she's 'in business'. I hope you indulge yourself and get a pig...they really are beautiful in a piggy sort of way. I'll be watching to see what you decide!
    Maura :)

  22. I have to tell you that since our son raised pigs last year I have been of the opinion that a pig could only be good if it was in the freezer. They were so cute but then they got big and scary and stinky! ;P

    But those are soooo cute! And Amy's pen doesn't look anything like ours did post pig. I think I might be tempted to get one, especially if you have always loved pigs. Sounds like Kunekunes would be perfect for you.

  23. Yes! You need a pig. But don't stop at just one!



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