Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Great September Deluge

It's raining.
Actually, it's pouring.
I'm thinking of building an ark.

Sunday night around 5 pm it started to rain...
pour, actually....
so badly, that we had some water leaks in the house.
And it hasn't quit raining.
As of yesterday afternoon, the rain gauge was over 4 inches.

This morning I will have to empty that gauge, or it will over flow.
And we have 2 more days of solid rain predicted.

The ducks are happy.

Their pond is as large as it gets...
almost over-flowing.

The turkeys don't seem to mind.

Poor Edith looks like a drowned rat as she hurries to and fro.

The rest of the animals
have stayed under roof all day and night.

Little Leo is happily making the upstairs hayloft of the barn his new home.
With frequent visits from us humans and the barn kitties Bobby and TomTom,
he seems quite content to stay.

This weather makes outdoor chores a bit tedious,
so I am turning my sights inward,
cleaning out closets,
re-organizing the pantry,
scrubbing the inside of the refrigerator,
cooking and baking.

I turned this little pumpkin baby from the garden

into this yummy pumpkin pie.

If you have never had a fresh pumpkin pie,
I have to tell you
there is nothing like it.
It is a little more fibrous than that canned pumpkin,
a little less orange...

but oh, so much more flavorful!

The rest of our pumpkins will get roasted and frozen 
for use in pies, breads, or soup throughout the winter.

Do you need some rain...wherever you are?
I would love to send you some of ours.
I believe we have had enough!


  1. A few days ago I would have said 'send the rain' - right now I have to decline. :-) We had over 6 inches since Sunday evening and I think it'll do for a while. Hope you won't have any more leaks in the house!

  2. Our rain fell for 48 hours straight. Luckily our property drains well. Very foggy this morning and great coffee drinking weather.

  3. I will be leaving Texas today and they sure could use your rain. I'm hoping it stays away from Oregon a little longer for I want some warm sunny days. Little Leo is so darling. I'm sure he will stay for he knows a good thing! Enjoy your indoor time!

  4. Wish we could send some of the rain to Texas, positive energy is what they need, I sending mine!

  5. Wonderful photos and post but um no thanx to the are we are getting lots right now lol Glad Leo is fitting in well. I am not a fan of pumpkin but your pie does look good ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. If only you could send Oklahoma some! We could use and so could Texas! Love Leo, kitties are so cute! Thank you for writing your blog I enjoy reading it very much.

  7. Indiana missed out on the rain, and we could sure use it! I'm dragging hoses around again.

    You must have unlimited amounts of energy! You seem to get so much done. Want to come and help with my fall cleaning? :)

  8. No thanks on the rain.... It's beautiful here in Wisconsin...finally......
    Have a great DRY day inside.

  9. Good to hear Leo is settling in. I love my home grown pumpkins for pie and canned goat milk. So delicious.

  10. We would take some of that from you...don't think I have ever seen a gauge fill that fast. Well, I was born in Seattle so I may be wrong about that....heeeheee.

  11. It has been raining here in Maine for most of the week. I for one am ready for a bit of sunshine, I do believe my girls feel the same way, nerves seem to be on edge in the hen house. Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  12. We're so glad to be the cow on the hill. Dumped our gauge twice - and then again, today. We've had a tad over 13 inches since last Friday night. And The Girls are not the least bit pleased. I've had to shut off the little yard and keep them restricted to their coop and the large yard. With the showers coming off and on - they're conceding enough to get off their high horses and walk inside the coop to eat. LOL Hopefully - you'll see the 80* temps and sunshine they're promising us in East Tennessee by Saturday!

  13. I have to pass on the rain also, Tropical storm Lee dropped 10+ inches labor day weekend here in south Louisiana. It was much needed and appreciated. Even our animals loved it. They stayed out in all that rain for 3 days.

  14. I love rain, but hate when it's like what you have. I hate it for my horses who stay in but have paddocks to move out in, but I know they want the pasture.


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