Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The End of Summer

Today is the last day of summer.

Just when things were starting to get really beautiful in the garden...

The vines are full and blossoming...

something for which I have waited the entire summer.

And with one frosty night
it will all be

Until next Spring, when we start seeds, new seedlings, new life.

Yes, tomorrow is the first day of autumn...
the beginning of crackling fires,
falling leaves,
shorter days....
the preparation for the sleepy days of winter that follow.

I am spending most of my time this week working our hay field,
flipping mown hay,
trying to get it to dry by the weekend.
In passing by the garden and barn these two guys caught my eye....

what an amazing creature,
with the perfect woodland costume,
you'd just think he was a stick.

And this caterpillar reminds me of a clown 
in his colorful striped suit!

Life is winding down for both of these fellows, too.
I wonder what these two will do when winter comes.

Yesterday we finished harvesting the sweet potatoes.
Here is the total harvest drying on some large towels....

Unfortunately it is hard to get an appreciation for the size of each of these spuds.
They are enormous!
The biggest we ever grew.
The largest could easily feed a family of four.
A sweet bumper crop for sure!
And for us....the assurance of a tasty, nutritious winter.

Goodbye dear Summer...
we will meet again in nine months,
but until then we will enjoy the colorful, crisp days of Autumn,
the sleepy, snowy blanket of Winter,
and the gift of rebirth and renewal that comes with Spring.


  1. Love your vines along the fences, especially the yellow one. I just love yellow flowerws of any type. We have not harvested our sweet potatoes yet, they are still growing. Its so fun to hear all what and when you guys from the north plant, compared to us, down here in the south. Getting ready to plant our greens, carrots, and Kale and Lettuce. Enjoy your Autumn.

  2. I don't know why...but this post made me sniffle a little bit. And I don't even LIKE Summer all that much.


  3. Good Morning Bev!
    It's sad to see summer end...especially this year when we here in Kansas spent a lot of our days inside trying to escape the terrible heat. I'm not ready to be stuck inside for winter so I am enjoying these wonderful cooler days of fall. Beautiful photo's your vines! What a wonderful harvest crop of sweet potatoes you have there...that should certainly do you for the winter. I hope you don't get any frost for a while yet...let's hope fall stays a little longer this year. Enjoy your day!
    Maura :)

  4. Summer be gone! Sorry... just can't take your heat and humidity, Mrs. Summer.

  5. Yes, it is coming to an end too soon! Loved seeing your flowers and those funny insects.

    What a bumper crop! You work so hard to provide wonderful things for your family! Great job. Now get back in the kitchen!

  6. Goodbye Summer... Hello FALL!!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. The last day of summer, but dont be sad because fall can be very nice. Richard

  8. Fantastic photos ! We have had cool fall like temps for some time now and all the fall wild flowers are in bloom in the fields its soo pretty and the trees are changing fast and droping their leaves already ! We have had a crackling fire already. Your crop of spuds looks great ! Have a wonderful day !

  9. What a feast of sweet potatoes! That was the only thing in my vegetable garden this year that I can brag about.
    Please send that Walking Stick Character In my direction, tell him I pay well for modeling, he can have ALL the aphids left on the rose bushes.

  10. Love the black-eyed susan vines, Bev! I too, living in WA, am going to miss this summer very much! It took many months to come this year and when it did it has been wonderful! This fall is looking beautiful also, but it was 38 degrees when I got up yesterday, then I was wearing shorts outside in the afternoon and today is supposed to be in the 80's! Is that amazing? Have a beautiful day!

  11. Gorgeous pictures. Wow! You really have a lot of sweet potatoes.

  12. What a wonderful good-bye post. I love that walking stick, and you've just reminded me that I need to check my sweet potatoes. This is my first time growing them, and I'm clueless about them.

  13. Beautiful post--love autumn also--but wish it could hold off for a bit longer.........


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