Friday, September 23, 2011

The Calm Before The Storm

Every so often I am awestruck by the quiet, peaceful, stillness of the farm.
Quiet, of course, is a matter of perspective.
And to most of you a normal day on the farm might seem very quiet.
Yesterday afternoon, however, was the type of quiet that is so quiet...
as if for some period of time, the entire earth is holding its breath....waiting.
No birds,
no wind,
no farm equipment sounds,
no mooing cow, or squealing pig sounds,
even the roosters are silent....
eerily silent, almost.

It was the calm before the storm...
thunder and black clouds soon arrived.

But for that hour when all was peaceful,
I sat amongst the animals, enjoying the solitude....
the only sound was that of my camera shutter.

I shared half of my time with the goats...



Nettie B.


Myrtle and a few visiting chickens

Smilin' Jack


And half of my time with the horses...
lying on my back in the pasture as they happily grazed around me.

Sweet, sweet Red.

Ollie has turned a much darker shade of grey this summer.

A great time for a roll....

And then the rains came again...
drenching our mown hay yet another time.
We have given up on this cutting of hay as it is
already getting moldy.
Our dairy farmer neighbor will take this hay for his cows
as it is no longer edible horse hay.

So, instead of turning hay, I spent a bit of time yesterday making another
1940's style farm apron from new vintage fabric.

Have a happy weekend!
We are most likely going to have rain, again.


  1. we've got the rain, too... love your blue-eyed mini!...

    and I notice you turn your bigs out with your littles... I'm thinking of doing this also but have been afraid the littles might catch a good kick from the bigs.

  2. What a perfect way to spend a day ! Awesome photos. I like the quiet before the storm . It is going to start to rain here soon clouds are rolling in dont know if there is to be any thunder though hope so I love thunderstorms ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. That first photo is beautiful.

  4. Good that you had some time to spend soaking in your surroundings before they got soaked..Cute apron
    I got my every other day mowing (it seems like it ) in while it was fairly dry..I got rained on but kept mowing ..only had about ten minutes to go...Love a newly mowed, manicured, green lawn....tis the season...

  5. It's raining here... no thunder, just one of those nice silent rains that makes you fix another cup of Joe and stay indoors with the lights on. Love dark days... sometimes... :-)

  6. Are you running out of names yet?

    What a lovely day...I always feel that complete silence before the storm like it takes a breath away. Miraculous!

  7. Goats are literally the reason I'll have to give up and move to more land one day. I must have goats, no if ands or butts. Ha ha

  8. Bev, I did not realize you had minis too... how I miss ours. Yours are beautiful.

  9. I just love the solitude some days. Some days I even get to lay in the hammock and just be still listening for the fall little bugs to hum or chirp. Love those goats and even better love your aprons. Debi

  10. Love days like this one....Beautiful apron too.



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