Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The rains came and went,
and the sun came out again...

Blue skies and temperatures in the high seventies,
with cool nights...a hint of autumn is in the air.j

The horses love their afternoons on pasture...

but readily come running when I enter the dry lot clapping my hands for them.

A little hay and a peppermint treat awaits them...

in a matter of seconds the Bigs are all back into the dry lot.

The Littles, however, are much more coy,
and take a bit of coaxing to get them in.

Shaking a bag of Quaker Oatmeal cereal squares helps,
but they generally take their good ole time!

On another subject....
I have spent so much of the time these past couple of weeks talking about
Roosters Number 5 and 6.

Today I want to show you Rooster Number 1.

He is one of my most handsome roosters,
who spends his days with his fellow Roos...

lately hanging around the outside of the "youngins'" house

leering like lecherous old men
just waiting for the "youngins" to mature.

The rainy weekend gave me a chance to sew another
1940's style apron.

You can see it HERE!


  1. What handsome Roos you have! If I ever get around to blogging again I'll post some photos of mine. Right now we have 5 foster kiddos I'm trying to get ready for school. So no time to blog... Have a super fantastic day... I enjoy your blog so much. Dawn

  2. Isn't this weather wonderful? I love to do the gardening without dying from the heat!

    I will have to check out your apron. It looks so pretty!

  3. Your Roosters are beautiful..such wonderful colors. I think the littles know that they'll get a little extra if they hang back....

  4. Beautiful ponies , I do miss them ! We had roosters like that on our farm when I was a kid I think they were Road Island Reds dont know if that breed is around any more.Your pinny's are lovely , I am going to give it a try to make some I am not good at sewing but I think my machine which I have only used twice may make it a bit easier for me lol

  5. Boys will be boys won't they! LOVE your horses Bev and seeing them makes me miss the ones I had years ago. Hubby and I have been talking about tearing down our old lean-to and old 30's or 40's garage and building a small barn for the purpose of getting horses one day. I really do miss being around them...the smell the sound and the feel. LOVE love love the apron you made...it sure didn't take long to get scooped up did it LOL! No wonder. I'm really enoying mine although I'm not wearing it today as it's just too hot to wear another layer. Oh well...I'll soon be wearing it every day (except when it's in the wash ;) Enjoy your day!
    Maura :)


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