Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Birds, Our Bird Dogs

I pulled this photo out of the archives.

It just might be my favorite.
It's of Rod, of course,
in his younger days.

I get so many comments about Rod.
And yes his full name is Rod Stewart.
He just reminds me so much of Rod Stewart in the 80's,
when his hair was quite similar to this fellow's "do"!

You might remember that with April's batch of Cuckoo Maran chicks,
I received a surprise....Henri.
Henri, who has become Henri-ette.
You see, what I thought was another Polish crested rooster,
is quite possibly a hen.
No crowing heard, no spurs on his legs....
so, I guess he is a she.

Henriette has grown into another interesting bird...

Unlike the photo of Rod, above,
it appears that Henriette is a bit sight-challenged.
I have never seen eyes....they are well hidden beneath a lovely
"chapeau" of feathers.

I think that might be the reason why Henriette usually 
hangs out beneath the maple tree next to her house...
from predators in the sky
(which she wouldn't in a million years see!)

What she doesn't realize, though, is just how safe she is.
Besides being right next to the barn,
she is well protected from predators of any type by this fellow...

Don't let the innocent face fool you, though.
This fellow is a menace!

Besides being an excellent hunter,
he can bust through any screen door in a matter of moments.
(I know....I've re-screened three doors so far... and keep a healthy 
supply of screening on hand at all times!)

And of course, then there is Oakley...
Mr. Perfect!
Oakley is a great hunter and an all around great dog.

Together, these two fellows are an awesome team,
with endless energy and enthusiasm...
not to mention, my constant outdoor companions.
(Did I mention they sleep on their beds at the foot of ours...
yes, they are house dogs, too.)

It seems that Polish crested chickens are the "surprise" chick of the year.
The batch of chicks that arrived in July also has a crested chicken amongst them.
Meet Louie (who knows, maybe Louisa)

Louie Louie....(you know the rest of the lyrics!)

Louie cracks me up...
check out that scowl on his/her face!

By the way, sometimes Sammy works so hard,
he has to hitch a ride home...

Poor, poor Sammy!
It's hard work keeping all these critters safe from harm,
isn't it?


  1. Hi! It's Stephanie:-)Just checking out some of your older posts and catching up! I absolutly love those chickens! Such odd creatures! But, cute in a way! and definatly the Rod Stewart look alike!! I love how you have all those animals on your farm!I love animals!! Happy weekend!

  2. Oh how I love Sammy's face! I could smooch all over it! Innocent looking is right!!

  3. I don't know why Henriette thinks she needs to be under a tree...She's already under a bush and a lovely one at that...Sam looks like the perfect angel but we know better...

  4. I just love looking at Rod and now you have more...Henri is so adorable! They sure look funny when they are young...only a mother could love. I WANT ONE! Ha! When I recover for all the work setting this one up...then I will add a couple roosters (my neighbors sleep late). Hope they have a female top notch like Rod. What are the names of these kinds of birds?

  5. Hahaha, I LOVE these pictures of your birds. So cute!

  6. Hello Bev!
    Love Rod and the other fluffy topped chickens you have. They're certainly different that 'hair'! Your dogs are sweet...I seem to always have at least two dogs and 3 cats following me around the farm. It's always nice to have company. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Maura :)

  7. I have had lots of Henrietta's type of chicken! The boys were always Patty short for Patrick and the girls were always Billy. I have always loved that kind of top-hat!

  8. How lucky to have two great bird dogs! I have two huge guardian dogs, but I can't trust them around my birds. Pretty sad.

  9. I can definitely see the Rod Stewart thing going on up top. Side by side photos would be a chuckle. And that Sammy ... oh come on, he can't be THAT bad, just 3 doors? Hey, I'm with you on mischivious animals!!

  10. Beverly, I wish Sammy could come over and teach my red-bone coon hound a thing or two! He just sits there while the fox raids the hen house, the possums steal the eggs and the raccoons eat out of his dog dish. He is a shameful disgrace of a guard dog, but a pretty nice fella other than that.
    I love your Polish chickens, they are so comedic! I will have to get some one day... as soon as I get a decent guardian dog.


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