Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fairy Garden

I 've been working in the garden....




But it's not what you might think.
it's not my vegetable garden,
or even the gardens around the house.

No, this is a teeny tiny garden,
just created.

It's a secret garden for a tiny being.

If you want to sit in this garden,
you will need the special key
(and a little imagination).

There is a clearing, into which will go a tiny cottage.

Fairy toadstools and tiny flowers abound.

And a tiny bridge to cross.
There are teeny pebbles on order to construct a path 
from the bridge to the cottage.
(Still awaiting the arrival of the cottage and pebbles)

There is a willow bench beneath the shade of fern trees
for us to sit and visit.
And if we are very quiet and truly believe....
we might even get to speak to the fairy that lives here!

It has been a perfectly wonderful adventure
to escape to this tiny world during this time
that is so filled with harvesting, and canning, and freezing,
and filling our pantry with all of our garden goodness!
No matter how hot and dry it is on our farm,
this tiny world is always moist and cool and shaded...
the perfect mid- afternoon escape.

Won't you join me???


  1. Yes, I would love to join you. Thank you very much!! I was thinking that this would make a nice gift for my mother. Is there a web site that you use to buy the plants and accessories?

  2. Love it, it makes mine look like a pile of moss with some stuff thrown in. Beautiful. 8^)

  3. Okay, you can't just leave it like this. You have to spill the beans on what plants you used in your fairy garden and the source of all the beautiful accessories in your little garden. More details and pictures, please.

  4. I love this!! Think I'll do one here at this old house!... Can you show pictures of the whole thing? I'm curious as to how you set it up, how big it actually is.. what it's IN.

  5. Oh, what a wonderland you have created! You've taken me back to when I was 7 or 8 and was convinced that we had fairies living in the Lily of the Valley bed on the north side of the garage. Have your fairies arrived? Or are they waiting for the cottage?


  6. If you do a search for Fairy Gardens will find a few websites that sell the accessories. The plants I picked up at our local greenhouse. Just look for tiny plants that resemble larger trees and bushes and flowers, etc.....and be prepared to prune them as they grow to keep them small. Fairy Bonsai!!!

  7. Ok gals....tomorrow will be how to build a fairy garden!! And where to get the "stuff".

  8. Oooh, this is sweet, and I thought of Karen from Thisoldhousetoo when I saw it.


  9. Oh how cute! You did a wonderful job Bev...I'd LOVE to join you in your fairy garden. I can't wait to see the little cottage...I know it will be sweet and I'm sure your resident fairy will love it as well.

    We got rain finally! A storm actually passed over us instead of going around us as they've been doing all summer. We got 3/4 of an inch and we are SO grateful. That means I don't have to spend most of my morning watering...yea!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)

  10. It's lovely...what a great job you did and as always a wonderful story to go with it..It's just too darling...

  11. Definately! It is adorable...just what a girl needs! At any age!

  12. I just love this! I am excited to see and hear the details. I like the little sign and key. So creative!

  13. What an adorable little garden!

  14. Your pictures are amazing. I love your fairy garden it's so beautiful. Thank you for visiting me. Come visit anytime.
    Hugs, Rosemary...


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