Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Each day as I go about my chores on the farm
I imagine that my life is accompanied by a soundtrack.
And although I love music of many genres,
when I am outside working, I prefer the symphony of the earth.

If you live in the city, 
you would say that one of the striking differences between our two worlds
is that mine is a "quiet" one.

And yet, to me, it never seems quiet, 
except in winter when a stillness settles upon the earth.
For most of the year, I an serenaded by the songs of the birds.
Songs, which I have taken the time to learn by species so that I can
identify the vocalist.

Springtime brings a kind of excitement with the arrival of migrating birds,
who spend their summers on our farm.
I am delighted by the returning songs of familiar friends.

Late summer brings another visitor, though,
who's song drowns out that of the birds....

the cicada,
who's vibrating tymbals reach decibels that rival traffic noise in the city.
I would have to say they are our version of noise pollution!

I have to tell you,
that of all the things that creep me out,
(and there really aren't all that many),
Cicadas are top of the list.

Lately, I miss the sound of the birds...
you just cannot hear them above the screeching call of the cicada.

(this one posed on my wash line for a photo)

To me they resemble flying bullfrogs,
who might certainly be flesh eating if they happened to land on you.
(Not true, I know, but fears are not found within the truth,
but rather within the lies our subconscious tells us.)

In order to better understand this creature, I did a little reading and found that
they do not sting or bite,
and pose no threat except to the vegetation off of which they feed.
There are annual cicadas...
which is what we are experiencing now,
and there are broods that emerge every 13 and 17 years.
The south and midwest are experiencing one of these brood hatchings this summer.

Ok, I still find them creepy....
but my fears are allayed.

On another subject, look closely at my fairy garden and see if you spy a visitor....

Yes, that's him....

It seems that this teeny tiny gnome (he's only about 1/2 inch tall)
has made his home in my fairy garden.
I just happened to find him there this morning!

It's quite curious isn't it?
Wherever could he have come from?

It's not surprising though, 
as all manner of magic happens here on the farm!

We are in the midst of peach season here on the farm.
I have canned several quarts for us to enjoy this winter.

FYI...peaches are among the list known as "the dirty dozen".
(fruits that transmit high levels of pesticides to the consumer)
Large production farms spray their trees to eliminate insect pests that can destroy the fruit.

So, if you can find them organic... you should.
Or maybe, consider planting your own tree!


  1. I have a sweet little gnome at my house too that a sister bloggers sent to me. He resides here in my office. Love the little guy...your fairy garden has certainly come together nicely!!

  2. Peaches are my favorite fruit...I must get some this AM...Does Mr Gnome have a name??? I wonder if he'll bring his family or is this his own private retreat???

  3. I also miss the birds songs. Those cicadas are noisy!
    We had such a great storm last night. At last, a good amount of rain. And the frogs were happy. We could hear them over the cicadas!

  4. This post might have been one on my list this week. I took enjoy the peace' so many city folk don't get but I was laughing last night as the hummingbirds were making some unusual sounds. They had been so active all day but as Dash and I went to bed, they gave up such a clatter....

    It's a wonderful place to be...and oh, those peaches!

  5. Even Mozart could not create such beautiful music as that of the sounds of nature!
    luv the peaches... we lost this years growth to an unexpected freeze in Spring,,, on this years 'to-do list'...Pruning, Pruning & pruning......

  6. I didn't realize how far behind I had gotten at reading my favorite blogs...I'm going to have to smarten up! I HATE cicadas...they're noisy AND creepy and this year seems to find more of them around. I do love hearing the birds on the farm though. What a sweet fellow you have living in your Fairy Garden..maybe he'll bring some friends with him in the future ;) We have two very old peach trees here on the farm but this year we didn't get any fruit because of a late frost. It sounds like you did really well if you were able to get enough to eat and can...good for you! Enjoy your day...
    Maura :)


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