Thursday, June 9, 2011


That's me....
Oh, and this is me, too....

After 10 hours work, yesterday in the 95 degree heat,
we successfully baled all of our hay
and stowed it in our barn and Becky's.

With the help of neighbors and friends,
we stowed over 800 bales of hay.
A couple hours of raking and fluffing in the morning,

followed by the rest of the day stowing
what our neighbors Jim and Kathy baled for us.
Their son, Scott, helped us stack the hay
as well as Anna...who often helps us around the farm.

Team work....

and good equipment...

made the day go amazingly smoothly.

If you had told me ten years ago that I might look like this
at the end of the day.... 

OMG!...yes it was that bad!
And no, my ankles are not that is just a weird camera angle.

By the way, did you know that turkeys like showers?
They truly enjoyed being squirted during the heat of the afternoon....


  1. Bev, that's what a hard day of working on the farm will do to you. I bet you slept well though. I think the same of my attire when I go to do my chores. Who would think that I'd wear the grungiest clothes and look bedraggled. At my regular job I look so tidy... Odd. I giggle to myself at times about it.
    My weather here is crazy right now. I had 105 degrees yesterday afternoon. This am I wake up and it's 52 degrees... Still no rain... What to wear?
    Well have a blessed day.....drink lots water!

  2. How satisfying to have the hay up!

  3. You are awesome. What we here in Texas call "get'er done gal".

  4. Sounds like you might enjoy being squirted too! I bet you have some sore muscles this morning! ;D

  5. What a wonderful day! I know it's a lot of work but don't you feel good after it's all stored away even though you're dead tired?! When I had my horses years ago we had our hay trucked in but we still had to load our hayloft and lower area with bales...I always enjoyed that. The inside of my lower arms sure took a beating though.. but then I always forgot to wear long sleeves. I hope you have an easy day today....Have a wonderful day!
    Maura :) Oh...and I didn't know turkey's liked to be learn something new every day!

  6. Thems some mighty fine looking ankles ya got there Maam. hee hee....


  7. Love those sox!!! So funny...just can't take you anywhere! Ha! I bet you ache everywhere...but what a glorious feeling!

  8. Our fields were finished yesterday, it's exhausting dirty work, but someone's gotta do it. All for the love of the horse.

  9. I'll bet you're glad that's over..I know you're a "do it yourself gal" BUT this might be one chore to give to someone else..

  10. Now that's a hard days' work! I'm glad you had some good help and got it done... that's got to be a fantastic feeling! Kudos!


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